Hollywood Splendor

Carole Lombard by Grace Heltz, 2018.

Two hours of music with the feel of the land of dreams, stardom, avocados and phonies: Hollywood.

38 different acts in this show, here is some information about some of them:

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band: 

Their first album Gorilla came out in 1967, the sleeve notes read: "Dedicated to Kong who must have been a great bloke." The album parodies all different genres including calypso, jazz, lounge, bubblegum, wurlitzer and more. The Intro and the Outro consists of a vocalist introducing the band members over a vamp. First the seven members of Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band before a string of supposed band members are listed and they play their musical part. 'Members' include people such as John Wayne on xylophone, Count Basie Orchestra on triangle and J Arthur Rank on gong. After the release of Gorilla, the band dropped the Doo-Dah from their name.

Billy Bragg & Wilco:

In 1998 Billy Bragg & Wilco released Mermaid Avenue. Nora Guthrie, daughter of Woody Guthrie, contacted Billy Bragg to add music to lyrics written by her father. Woody Guthrie did not know how to write music and left many of his compositions unrecorded, therefore the tunes to many of his completed lyrics were lost to time. Billy Bragg & Wilco decided to put contemporary styles to the lyrics rather than try to copy Guthrie's style.    

Countries represented: USA, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Peru, England, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Cuba, Netherlands.

  • 6:00pm Memories Of A Golden Weekend (Oh How I Got The Alcapulco Blues) by Peggy Lipton on The Complete Ode Recordings (Real Gone Music), 1968
  • 6:00pm Welcome To Hollywood by Asylum Choir on Look Inside The Asylum Choir (Mercury), 1968
  • 6:03pm Loop Di Love by J. Bastós on J. Bastós (Bellaphon), 1970
  • 6:06pm Kudala Ngikuncenga by Lucky Dube on Kudala Ngikuncenga (Gallo), 2006
  • 6:09pm Well Wired by Daughters Of Albion on Daughters Of Albion (Fallout), 1968
  • 6:12pm Lighthouse Keeper by Sunforest on Sound Of Sunforest (Lion Productions), 1969
  • 6:14pm Too Pretty by Ed's Redeeming Qualities on More Bad Times (Flying Fish), 1990
  • 6:16pm My Name Is Jack by Manfred Mann on My Name Is Jack / There Is A Man (Mercury), 1966
  • 6:19pm The Times by J.K. & Co. on Suddenly One Summer (BeatRocket), 1968
  • 6:22pm Showroom Customers (Instr) by Richard Behrke on Building A Better Way To See The U.S.A. Music (Chevrolet), 1972
  • 6:23pm Laetitia by Alain Delon on Les Aventuriers (Ducretet Thomson), 1966
  • 6:25pm Ingrid Bergman by Billy Bragg and Wilco on Mermaid Avenue (Elektra), 1998
  • 6:27pm Christine Keeler by Phil Ochs on The Broadside Tapes 1 (Smithsonian Folkways), 1980
  • 6:29pm Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? by Bruce Springsteen on Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. (Columbia), 1973
  • 6:31pm Nobody's Home To Go Home To by Billie Davis on I Can Remember (Decca), 1969
  • 6:33pm When You're Next To Me by Mitch & Mickey on A Mighty Wind: The Album (DMZ), 2003
  • 6:35pm Le Tourbillon De La Vie by Jeanne Moreau on Bande Originale Du Film (Philips), 1961
  • 6:38pm Follow Me by lyme and cybelle on Follow Me (White Whale), 1966
  • 6:40pm Song To The Sun by Oscar Rocchi on Jungle Birds (Music Scene)
  • 6:44pm Hollywood Hopeful by Loudon Wainwright III on A Live One (Rounder Records), 1979
  • 6:45pm I Think I'm Going Weird by Art on Supernatural Fairy Tales (Island Records), 1967
  • 6:48pm The Intro And The Outro by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band on Gorilla (BGO Records), 1967
  • 6:51pm Look Out, There's A Monster Coming by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band on Gorilla (BGO Records), 1967
  • 6:54pm Revolution Blues by Neil Young on On The Beach (Reprise Records), 1974
  • 6:58pm Richard Cory by Simon & Garfunkel on Sounds Of Silence (Columbia), 1965
  • 7:01pm Ringing Of Revolution by Phil Ochs on In Concert (Elektra), 1966
  • 7:09pm Panis Et Circenses by Os Mutantes on Os Mutantes (Polydor), 1968
  • 7:12pm Un Chico Moderno by Pili Y Mili on Si tú estás cerca (Capitol Discos), 1967
  • 7:14pm Come (Ex-Titus) by Eddie Warner on Music For Loving / Music For Laughing (L'Illustration Musicale), 1975
  • 7:17pm L'Anamour by Jane Birkin - Serge Gainsbourg on Jane Birkin - Serge Gainsbourg (Fontana), 1969
  • 7:19pm No Te Esconde by Los Brasilios And The Juan Morales Singers Featuring Alberto On The Marimbas on Brasilian Beat '67 (International Award Series), 1967
  • 7:22pm Jacqueline And Caroline by Perez Prado on Exotic Suite Of The Americas (RCA Victor), 1967
  • 7:24pm Maybe The People Would be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale by Love on Forever Changes (Elektra), 1967
  • 7:27pm New Age by The Velvet Underground on Loaded (Rhino Records), 1970
  • 7:32pm These Days by Nico on Chelsea Girl (Verve Records), 1967
  • 7:36pm Decadence by Kevin Ayers on Bananamour (Sire), 1973
  • 7:44pm Los Mas Grande Que Existe En El Amor by We All Together on Recordando La Nueva Ola (Mag), 1971
  • 7:48pm See Emily Play by David Bowie on Pin Ups (RCA Victor), 1981
  • 7:53pm De Hege Berg by Sido Martens on Dutch Rare Folk: 43 Lost Classics From The Golden Age Of Nederfolk (Food For Thought Records), 2007
  • 7:55pm Shivers Of Pleasure by St. John Green on St. John Green (Flick-Disc), 1968
  • 7:58pm The World Began In Eden And Ended In Los Angeles by Phil Ochs on Rehearsals For Retirement (A&M Records), 1969
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