GREEN BUBBLE TEA - 01.02.2018 [First show of 2019: More K-Pop, Chinese Pop Ballads, & SSSS.GRIDMAN]

  • 11:01am I LUV IT by PSY on 4X2=8 (YG Entertainment)
  • 11:03am MILLIONS by WINNER on MILLIONS [SINGLE] (YG Entertainment)
  • 11:06am KILLING ME by iKON on NEW KIDS : CONTINUE (YG Entertainment)
  • 11:10am RUMOR by K.A.R.D. on K.A.R.D. Project Vol. 3 (DSP Media)
  • 11:13am Trauma by EXO on LOVE SHOT (SM Entertainment)
  • 11:20am Her by BTS on Love Yourself 'Answer' (Big Hit Entertainment)
  • 11:23am SOLO by JENNIE on SOLO [SINGLE] (YG Entertainment)
  • 11:26am BBIBBI by IU on BBIBBI [single] (KakaoM)
  • 11:30am Gotta Go by CHUNG HA on Gotta Go [single] (MNH ENTERTAINMENT)
  • 11:37am Hi High by 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) on [+ +] (BlockBerryCreative)
  • 11:41am Butterflies by Red Velvet on RBB (SM Entertainment)
  • 11:43am How Why by EXID on [Re:flower] PROJECT #3 (BANANA CULTURE)
  • 11:48am 她说(She Says) by 林俊杰(JJ Lin) on She Says (Ocean Butterflies)
  • 11:54am The Chaos After You by Eric Chou on The Chaos After You (Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan)
  • 11:58am 在梅邊 (Beside the Plum Blossoms) by 王力宏 (Wang LeeHom) on Heroes of Earth (Sony Music Taiwan)
  • 12:03pm 十二年 by Bae Fong on Nightwatcher (.)
  • 12:11pm 年輪說 Traces of Time in Love by 楊丞琳 Rainie Yang on Traces In Time and Love (EMI Records)
  • 12:20pm UNION by OxT on SSSS.GRIDMAN OP (Pony Canyon)
  • 12:24pm youthful beautiful by Maaya Uchida on SSSS.GRIDMAN ED (Pony Canyon)
  • 12:31pm Yume no Hero "Dream Hero" by Norio Sakai on Denkou Choujin Gridman OP (.), 1993
  • 12:35pm . by . on Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad OP (.), 1994
  • 12:38pm Kimi ni Furete by Riko Azuna on Bloom Into You OP (RouteNote)
  • 12:42pm Rise by Riko Azuna on Bloom Into You Insert Song (RouteNote)
  • 12:47pm hectopastal by Yuki Takada, Minako Kotobuki on Bloom Into You ED (RouteNote)
  • 12:54pm You Can Stay The Way You Are by Michiru Oshima on Bloom Into You Original Soundtrack (.)
  • 12:56pm Earnest Wish by Michiru Oshima on Bloom Into You Original Soundtrack (.)
  • 12:58pm Rustling Wind and Dappled Sunlight by Michiru Oshima on Bloom Into You Original Soundtrack (.)
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