Jupiter Bread Box: Music Of The First Psychedelic Age

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Two hours of psych influenced rock, pop, garage and freakbeat churned out during the first psychedelic age (1965-1968). 

40 different acts in this show, here is some information about some of them:

The Byrds:

“Eight Miles High” is often considered the song that kicked of the psychedelic craze. The sound of the song was largely influenced by the recordings of Ravi Shankar as well as Impressions and Africa/Brass by John Coltrane, all records David Crosby had been bringing along when the band traveled. The combination of droning vocals, impressionistic lyrics, Coltrane-influenced composition and the song’s commercial success all highly influenced the burgeoning psychedelic genre. The song was written about the band’s trip to London for their English tour. Despite most commercial flights actually cruising at six to seven miles, the band believed eight sounded better. Shortly after the single release, principal Byrds songwriter, Gene Clark, left the band, the official reason given was fear of flying.

The Outsiders:

While many Dutch rock, or Nederbeat, bands were largely influenced by The Beatles and similar musicians, the The Outsiders were taking cues from a rougher rock sound, emulating bands such as The Pretty Things, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. The band gained notoriety for raucous live shows that led them to being banned at several venues. The group released only two studio albums alongside a slew of singles, boasting to have never done a cover song, however, due to  none of their output being released in the US, they were unable to reach commercial success on the scale of some of their Dutch contemporaries. After poor promotion and a loss of commercial appeal coinciding with a change in sound, the The Outsiders disbanded with front man Wally Tax and drummer Leendert "Buzz" Busch started the new group Tax Free.

Countries represented: USA, England, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Italy.

  • 6:00pm Eight Miles High by The Byrds on The Byrds' Greatest Hits (Columbia), 1966
  • 6:03pm Embryonic Journey by Jefferson Airplane on The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane (RCA), 1967
  • 6:04pm Dirty Water by The Standells on Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968) (Rhino Records), 1966
  • 6:07pm Open Up Your Door by Richard & The Young Lions on Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968) (Rhino Records), 1966
  • 6:10pm Passport by Los Brincos on Lola (Novola), 1967
  • 6:13pm Hour Girl by Th Rites on Things / Hour Girl (Decca), 1967
  • 6:16pm Darlin' you Can Count On Me by The Everpresent Fullness on The Everpresent Fullness (White Whale), 1967
  • 6:18pm Maria Elena by Barbarians on The Barbarians (Sundazed Music), 1965
  • 6:20pm Hey You by Allen Pound's Get Rich on Searching In The Wilderness (Parlophone), 1966
  • 6:22pm Searching In The Wilderness by Allen Pound's Get Rich on Searching In The Wilderness (Parlophone), 1966
  • 6:25pm I Must Be Mad by Craig on I Must Be Mad (Fontana), 1966
  • 6:28pm Moon, Turn The Tides... Gently, Gently Away by The Jimi Hendrix Experience on Electric Ladyland (Experience Hendrix), 1968
  • 6:29pm Shape Of Things To Come by Max Frost & The Troopers on Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968) (Rhino Records), 1968
  • 6:31pm Don't Look Back by The Remains on Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968) (Rhino Records), 1966
  • 6:34pm Wish You Were Here With Me Today by Outsiders on C.Q. (Jackpot Records), 1968
  • 6:36pm ABBA Zaba by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band on Safe As Milk (Buddah Records), 1967
  • 6:38pm Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? by Frank Zappa on Absolutely Free (Verve Records), 1967
  • 6:41pm Juliano The Bull by Jason Crest on Juliano The Bull / Two By The Sea (Philips), 1968
  • 6:44pm Ship Of Happiness by The Mariners on Mister Shake / Ship Of Happiness (Popular), 1967
  • 6:47pm S.F. Sorrow Is Born by The Pretty Things on S. F. Sorrow (Madfish, Snapper Music), 1968
  • 6:50pm It's My Life by The Tages on Studio (RPM retrodisc), 1967
  • 6:52pm I Looked At You by The Doors on The Doors (Elektra), 1967
  • 6:55pm Session Man by The Kinks on Face To Face (Reprise Records), 1966
  • 6:57pm Museum by Donovan on Mellow Yellow (EMI), 1967
  • 7:00pm Slow Motion by The Sweet on Slow Motion (Fontana), 1968
  • 7:03pm Expecting To Fly by Buffalo Springfield on Buffalo Springfield Again (ATCO Records), 1967
  • 7:07pm Another Chance by Pacifics on My Thoughts / Another Chance (Philips), 1966
  • 7:09pm Mr. Sun by Sound Vendor on Mister Sun (Liquid Stereo), 1968
  • 7:13pm My Eyes Have Seen You by The Doors on Strange Days (Elektra), 1967
  • 7:15pm Hush by I Colours on Hush / Anniversario Dell'Amore (Rifi), 1968
  • 7:18pm I Can See Through You by Episode Six on I Can See Through You (Pye Records), 1967
  • 7:21pm Conversations (In A Station Light Refreshment Bar) by A.P. Dangerfield on Conversations (In A Station Light Refreshment Bar) (Fontana), 1968
  • 7:24pm 'Cos It's Over by The Summer Set on Let's Go To San Francisco (Roulette), 1967
  • 7:26pm Time Isn't There Anymore by Stone Country on Stone Country (Rev-Ola), 1968
  • 7:29pm Dizzines by Adam Boys on Mafia / Dizziness (Popular), 1967
  • 7:32pm Good As Gold by The Cups on Good As Gold / My Life And Times (Tetragrammaton Records), 1968
  • 7:34pm Comin' On Strong by Tony Ritchie on Comin' On Strong (GNP Crescendo), 1968
  • 7:37pm Maybe After He's Gone by The Zombies on Odessey And Oracle (Rhino Records), 1968
  • 7:39pm This Will Be Our Year by The Zombies on Odessey And Oracle (Rhino Records), 1968
  • 7:41pm Woodstock by Turquoise on The Further Adventures Of Flossie Fillett (Rev-Ola), 1968
  • 7:45pm Work Song by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band on Volume 1 (Sundazed Music), 1966
  • 7:47pm You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Wally Tax on Love In (Relics), 1967
  • 7:50pm Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd on The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Capitol Records), 1967
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