Episode 4: Where Are They Now?

Junko Ohashi
Today we’re going to be doing a little “Where are they now?” kind of thing.  Most of these bands haven’t had nearly the same kind of rediscovery that Mariya Takeuchi had with "Plastic Love,", but they’ve stayed pretty busy, so I thought it would be fun to see what some of them have been up to since the 80s.  

  • 2:00pm Moonlight Cruise by Masaki Matsubara on Tender Heart (Victor Entertainment)
  • 2:06pm Lonesome Season by Yukiko Okada on ALL SONGS REQUEST (Pony Canyon)
  • 2:09pm LINE by Yuma Nakamura on 美味しんぼ オリジナル・サウンドトラック アンティパスト (VAP)
  • 2:13pm Soushimashoune by Yumi Morio on Euromantique (Pony Canyon)
  • 2:18pm Umi ni Naritai by Akiko Ikuina on Nihon (Pony Canyon)
  • 2:21pm Kimi Ni Mune Kyun. - Uwaki Na Vacances by YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA on After Service (Alfa Music, Inc.)
  • 2:26pm Never Wanna Say Goodnight by Yasuko Agawa on 10th Avenue+2 (Victor Entertainment)
  • 2:29pm Yogen by Miki Matsubara on Aya (Pony Canyon)
  • 2:33pm midnight cruisin' by Kingo Hamada on midnight cruisin' (East West Japan Inc.)
  • 2:37pm BEWITCHED (ARE YOU LEAVING SOON) by Naomi Akimoto on TOKYO 1980s Victor Edition (The Compilation) Boogie, Funk & Modern Soul from Japan (plusGROUND / JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp.)
  • 2:42pm Simple Love -2014- by Junko Ohashi on LIVE LIFE (VAP Inc.)
  • 2:47pm TWILIGHT DREAM by Yuki Kato on コンプリート・コレクション 謎はと・か・な・い・で (Solid)
  • 2:50pm Rimember me by Step on THE SINGLES TRIO RECORDS GUIDE 1982 part.2 (TRIO Records)
  • 2:53pm LOVE WARS by Yumi Matsutoya on LOVE WARS (Universal Music)
  • 2:57pm Heart and Soul by Mari Hamada on Light For The Ages -35th Anniversary Best~Fan's Selection (Victor Entertainment)
  • 3:02pm Make-up Shadow - Remastered 2018 - by Yosui Inoue on UNDER THE SUN (Remastered 2018) (For Life Music Entertainment)
  • 3:06pm Kanashii Kiss by DREAMS COME TRUE on Dreams Come True (Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 3:13pm Wakare no Rhythm by THE ALFEE on Alfee (Pony Canyon Inc.)
  • 3:17pm Natsu wo Akiramete by Naoko Ken on Naoko Ken Best Collection (Pony Canyon Inc.)
  • 3:20pm For Each Other by 1986 Omega Tribe on Crystal Night (VAP Inc.)
  • 3:25pm Earthly Paradise by Lily on fairy tale (Victor Entertainment)
  • 3:30pm あってる (Original Remastered 2018) by Wink on Flyin' High (Original Remastered 2018) (Polystar Co., Ltd.)
  • 3:36pm Beyond the endless darkness by Ichiro Araki on SCENE PHONIC (Trio Records)
  • 3:38pm Sayonara no Gyakusetsu by Shizuka Kudo on Shizuka (Pony Canyon)
  • 3:42pm Natsu wo Akiramete by Naoko Ken on Naoko Ken Best Collection (Pony Canyon)
  • 3:46pm Usotsuki by Mamiko Takai on Watashi no Mamade + Single Collection (Pony Canyon Inc.)
  • 3:49pm BRAND NEW TOMORROW by TRF on BRAND NEW TOMORROW (Avex Music Creative)
  • 3:53pm Kiss In The Dark by Pink Lady on Innovation (Victor Entertainment)
  • 3:56pm Selfish High Heels (feat. Macross 82-99 & Harrison) by Yung Bae on Selfish High Heels (feat. Macross 82-99 & Harrison) (Yung Bae)
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