Episode 5: You Want It Darker

Ariel ZB Artwork

I like to listen to music that's upbeat and optimistic, but every once in a while I get a taste for something a bit...darker.  

We're going to wander into the world of dark synth for this episode.  We’ve got mostly instrumental jams, with some soulful new-wavey vocals here and there.  This is probably the most recognizably "80s" stuff that you've heard here; if you've ever seen any sci-fi or horror from that period, or if you’ve just seen the movie “Drive,” most of this will be pretty familiar.  

But remember, this is a modern interpretation of 80s synth.  There will be some surprises, so keep a look out.

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  • 2:00pm Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut on Trilogy (No Quarter)
  • 2:04pm Rampage by Kavinsky on OutRun (Record Makers)
  • 2:07pm Massacre by Lazerhawk on Skull and Shark (Rosso Corsa Records)
  • 2:10pm Tech Noir - Carpenter Brut Remix by Gunship on GUNSHIP (Horsie In The Hedge LLP)
  • 2:14pm Watching You by Dance With the Dead on The Shape (Dance With the Dead)
  • 2:18pm Dangerous Days by Perturbator on Dangerous Days (Blood Music)
  • 2:32pm There Is No Law Here by Makeup And Vanity Set on Brigador (Volume I) (yk records)
  • 2:36pm Avalanche by Dan Terminus on The Wrath of Code (Blood Music)
  • 2:41pm A Beast Unchained by VHS Glitch on Moral Decay (573172 Records DK)
  • 2:45pm Redline by Emmett Brown on Manic (Emmett Brown)
  • 2:47pm The Maiden by Electric Dragon on Dark Water (DragonShrine)
  • 2:50pm Star Fighter by Wice on Magnatron 2.0 (NRW Records)
  • 2:54pm Nightcall by Kavinsky on Nightcall (Record Makers)
  • 3:00pm Midnight City by M83 on Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (M83 Recording Inc )
  • 3:04pm Under Your Spell by Desire on Desire (Italians Do It Better)
  • 3:09pm Riot by Dance With the Dead on The Shape (Dance With the Dead)
  • 3:12pm Overdrive by Lazerhawk on Redline (Rosso Corsa Records)
  • 3:16pm In The Face Of Evil by Magic Sword on Volume 1 (Tender Loving Empire)
  • 3:22pm Why Did I Say Goodbye by Tommy '86 feat. Sally Shapiro on Frequency Modulations (Memory Full)
  • 3:28pm Whirl by Soft Kill on Choke (Profound Lore)
  • 3:34pm The End of Time by Scandroid on The Darkness (FiXT Neon)
  • 3:39pm She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next by Perturbator on Dangerous Days (Blood Music)
  • 3:44pm Akuma by Alex feat. Rachel Mcalpine on Akuma (NRW Records)
  • 3:48pm NARC by Mega Drive on 198XAD (FiXT Neon)
  • 3:54pm M4 Part II by Faunts on M4 (Friendly Fire Recordings)
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