Episode 6: Currents

Woman with Hokusai collar
We have a great mix of different artists this time around; a few old, mostly new, that you probably haven't heard yet.  Most of these songs will be more contemporary than what we've heard up till now, so keep a look out.  We've got some smooth grooves, some harder funk, and some that might just surprise you.

I think you'll find something you absolutely love if you keep listening.

  • 2:00pm Confession by evening cinema on CONFESSION (LUCK by ano(t)raks)
  • 2:02pm Tweet of Magic by Junk Fujiyama on TWEET OF MAGIC (2018 Mil Music)
  • 2:10pm Summer of Love by Yogee New Waves on Summer of Love (Victor Entertainment)
  • 2:13pm YOU’VE GOT THE WORLD by Suchmos on The Ashtray (Ki/oon Music)
  • 2:18pm DA・KE・DO by THREE1989 on DA・KE・DO (フジパシフィックミュージック/KEY CREW SOUNDS)
  • 2:23pm Bebop Kagefumi by odd foot works on Bebop Kagefumi (Victor Entertainment)
  • 2:26pm 808 by Suchmos on The Ashtray (Ki/oon Music)
  • 2:31pm Re::neon by City Your City on Re::neon (subenoana)
  • 2:35pm Boogie Nights by LUCKY TAPES on VIRTUAL GRAVITY (RALLYE)
  • 2:38pm Catch The One by Awesome City Club on Catch The One (Victor Entertainment)
  • 2:42pm Sexy Lover by BRADIO on YES (WARNER MUSIC JAPAN INC.)
  • 2:45pm Aurora by NEIGHBORS COMPLAIN on BRIDGE (SPACE SHOWER MUSIC/Liquid Brain Inc.)
  • 2:49pm ain't on the map yet by Nulbarich on ain't on the map yet (Victor Entertainment)
  • 2:53pm A GIRL IN THE CITY by I Don't Like Mondays. on A GIRL IN THE CITY (Faith)
  • 2:57pm Siren by Taichi Mukai on Siren (TOY'S FACTORY)
  • 3:00pm ASHITA by Souichiro Arakawa on ASHITA (SOTOBOU RECORD)
  • 3:06pm Holiday by Emerald on Pavlov City (Maypril Records)
  • 3:13pm Taking Our Time by Still Caravan on Taking Our Time (GOON TRAX)
  • 3:16pm SOMEWHERE by Curly Giraffe on SOMEWHERE (felicity / SSNW)
  • 3:20pm Never Let You Go by Omoinotake on Street Light ( K&A CO,LTD., /y's connection)
  • 3:24pm Don't Try To Be Perfect by FIVE NEW OLD on WHAT'S GONNA BE? (TOY'S FACTORY)
  • 3:29pm Dance by the perfect me on Dance (felicity / SSNW)
  • 3:30pm たそがれマイ・ラブ -2014- by Junko Ohashi on LIVE LIFE (VAP INC.)
  • 3:34pm Funky Junky Trip by Yuji Ohno on Isn't It Lupintic? (VAP INC.)
  • 3:40pm From the Hearth by Hiroshima on Third Generation (Sony Music Entertainment Inc.)
  • 3:43pm Kono Koiwa Hard Boiled by DREAMS COME TRUE on Million Kisses (Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.)
  • 3:47pm Unbeliever by Shizuka Kudo on Rosette (Pony Canyon Inc.)
  • 3:51pm For the moment by Every Little Thing on Time to Destination (AVEX MUSIC CREATIVE INC.)
  • 3:55pm You've Got to Help Yourself by YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA on Service (Alfa Music, Inc.)
  • 4:01pm Sail In The Sunset by Yu Hayami on LANAI (SUN MUSIC PUBLISHING,INC.)
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