The Old Black Hole

 Music, after all, is the ultimate way to bend space and time, isn't it?

A tribute show to Spaceman 3

This show will feature many of our favorite psych artists but will take a set to acknowledge the contributions of leading indie-rock progenitors of the space-rock aesthetic, Spacemen 3. Jason Pierce and Peter Kember may be best known for their later, similarly mind-melting combos Spiritualized and Sonic Boom, but it was the droning, languid and admittedly drug-fueled fusillades of their 1980s band Spacemen 3 that rocketed them to notoriety. Taking their aural cue from chugging Velvet Underground drone-scapes like Black Angel's Death Song and Sister Ray, as well as the Detroit sludge-rock of The Stooges, S3 worried less about technical proficiency and song structure, and more about noise, color, and hypnotic, transportative effect, veering from anarchy to fragile balladry

Spacemen 3 were psychedelic in the loosest sense of the word; their guitar explorations were colorfully mind-altering, but not in the sense of the acid rock of the '60s. Instead, the band developed its own minimalistic psychedelia, relying on heavily distorted guitars to clash and produce their own harmonic overtones; frequently, they would lead up to walls of distortion with amplified acoustic guitars and synths. Often the band would jam on one chord or play a series of songs, all in the same tempo and key. Though this approach was challenging, often bordering on the avant-garde, Spacemen 3 nevertheless gained a dedicated cult following. After releasing several albums in the late '80s, the band fell apart after in 1991.

  • 3:52pm Barbarian Kings by Morgan Delt on Morgan Delt (Trouble in Mind)
  • 3:53pm Another Sun by Easy Giant on To the Moon (Easy Giant)
  • 4:06pm Melted Rope by Wand on Golem (In The Red Records)
  • 4:07pm Ride On Baby by William Onyeabor on Box Set (Luaka Bop)
  • 4:13pm Ghost Hands by Lord Echo on Curiosities (Soundway Records)
  • 4:20pm How Did I Get Through the Day? by Har Mar Superstar on Best Summer Ever (Cult records)
  • 4:25pm Bad Twin by SLUGS on Bad Twin (SLUGS)
  • 4:26pm Lies My Body Told Me by Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog on Your Turn (Northern Spy Records)
  • 4:30pm Open Passageways by All Them Witches on Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (New West)
  • 4:36pm Seer by Witch on Witch (Tee Pee Records)
  • 4:40pm Lord by Sleepy Sun on Embrace (ATP)
  • 4:49pm Desert God - Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12 by Sleepy Sun on Spine Hits (The End)
  • 4:54pm That Old Black Hole by Dr. Dog on Live at the Flamingo Hotel (Anti)
  • 5:00pm Lord Can You Hear Me? by Spacemen 3 on Late Night Tales:Mgmt (Night Time Stories)
  • 5:09pm Honey by Mogwai on A Tribute to Spacemen 3 (Rocket Girl)
  • 5:11pm Losing Touch With My Mind by The Asteroid #4 on A Tribute to Spacemen 3 (Rocket Girl)
  • 5:12pm Pink Frost by The Chills on Late Night Tales:Mgmt (Night Time Stories)
  • 5:27pm The Crazy Dwarf by The Narcotic Daffodils on Psychedelic World Music (Trail Records)
  • 5:29pm Stray Built Woman by Greenleaf on Agents of Ahriman (Green)
  • 5:40pm Plumajilla by Mondo Drag on Self-Titled (Riding Easy Records)
  • 5:41pm The Eagle, or the Serpent by Case Studies on The World is Just a Shape to Fill the Night (Sacred Bones Records)
  • 5:46pm I'm so Glad by Dead Meadow on The Nothing They Need (Xemu Records)
  • 5:50pm Still as the Night by Crystal Stilts on Radiant Door (Sacred Bones)
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