Tables Turned - Jeep's Blues

  • 3:46pm You Turned The Tables On Me by Billie Holiday on Jazz Masters 47 (UMG)
  • 3:59pm Need Your Love So Bad by Little Willie John on Fever (IDK)
  • 4:06pm Holding Back The Years by Jimmy Scott on Holding Back The Years (JFD)
  • 4:07pm Your Mind Is On Vacation by Mose Allison on I Don't Worry About A Thing (Atlantic)
  • 4:13pm Come Sunday by Duke Ellington, Mahalia Jackson on Black, Brown & Beige (Columbia 1958)
  • 4:16pm Money by Barrett Strong on Money (That's what I want) (MoTown)
  • 4:24pm Everybody's Got To Live by Love on Reel to Real (High Moon)
  • 4:25pm Heavenly Shower by Lisa Ekdahl on Look to Your Own Heart (Lisa Ekdhal)
  • 4:30pm I Wish It Would Rain by The Soulful Strings on Chess Psychedelic (Universal-Island)
  • 4:32pm When That Evening Sun Goes Down by John "Papa" Gros on Days End (Gros)
  • 4:34pm Clandestino by Mal Maiz on Historia de un Immigrante (Mal Maiz)
  • 4:44pm Son Moi by Chaz Bundick Meets The Matson 2 on Star Stuff (Company Records)
  • 4:47pm Remember the Taker by The Steepwater Band on Clava (Diamond Day)
  • 4:54pm Wack Magick by The Stevenson Ranch Davidian's on Amerikana (IDK)
  • 5:04pm Keep it Heavy by Creme Soda on Tricky Zingers (SC2)
  • 5:04pm Dreaming in the Non-Dream by Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band on Dreaming in the Non-Dream (No Quarter)
  • 5:08pm Hundred Years In Love by The Blue Angel Lounge on The Blue Angel Lounge (8MM)
  • 5:14pm Elk.Blood.Heart -Live by All Them Witches on Live in Brussels (New West)
  • 5:17pm Thieves & Kings by The Peach Kings on Thieves & Kings (The Peach Kings)
  • 5:25pm Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes on Elephant (Third Man Records)
  • 5:27pm Lost My Mind - Left Lane Cruiser - Junkyard Speed Ball by Left Lane Cruiser on Junkyard (Alive Records)
  • 5:36pm Journeyman by The Lovetones on Dimensions (Cleopatra)
  • 5:39pm Out of Sight by Natural Child on Okey Dokey (Natural Child Records and Tapes)
  • 5:43pm Right to the ways and the rules of the world by Ween on The Pod (Rounder Records)
  • 5:50pm Sungaze by Psychic Ills on Hazed Dream (Sacred Bones)
  • 5:52pm Always Returning by The Quarter After on The Quarter After (Parasol)
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