Tiny Cities/Big Swifties

  • 10:00pm Regyptian Strut by Frank Zappa on Läther (Zappa Family Trust)
  • 10:06pm Igor by Valentina Ciardelli on Zappa Spielt Für Bach 2018 (PINGUIN Ing.Buero / Stifung Johann Sebastian)
  • 10:07pm City of Tiny Lights by Frank Zappa on You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore , Vol. 5 (Zappa Family Trust)
  • 10:21pm What's New in Baltimore by Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra on Santaville (The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra)
  • 10:26pm Big Swifty by Frank Zappa on Waka/Jawaka (Zappa Family Trust)
  • 10:47pm It Must Be A Camel by Frank Zappa on Hot Rats (Zappa Family Trust)
  • 10:49pm City Nights - Remastere by Allan Holdsworth on Secrets (Allan Holdsworth)
  • 10:49pm Romantic Warrior by Return To Forever on Romantic Warrior (Sony Music Entertainment)
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