• 8:10pm 100% by Sonic Youth on Dirty (.)
  • 8:12pm Be Rad Tomorrow by Helms Alee on Noctiluca (.)
  • 8:12pm Deeper Graves by At The Graves on Lower (.)
  • 8:12pm Delusions In The Deep by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 8:25pm Sleeping Prophet by Kenoma on The Tides Will Prevail (.)
  • 8:32pm Thrones For The Worthy, Graves For The Rest by Zegota on Namaste (.)
  • 8:40pm The Dreaming Plane by Wayfarer on World's Blood (.)
  • 8:47pm 16 Psyche by Chelsea Wolfe on Hiss Spun (.)
  • 8:51pm Grain Of Salt by Coalesce on A Safe Place (.)
  • 8:54pm No Sovereignity by Cowardice on Without Condolance (.)
  • 9:05pm Blood On The Lupines by Inter Arma on Sulphur English (.)
  • 9:13pm Witness by Ire on What Seed, What Root? (.)
  • 9:13pm The Task by SUMAC on Love In Shadow (.)
  • 9:50pm The Lowest Common Denominator by Converge on When Forever Comes Crashing (.)
  • 9:54pm Living To Try by Weltesser on Crestfallen (.)
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