• 11:01am LOVE&GIRLS by Girls' Generation on LOVE&GIRLS (SM Entertainment), 2013
  • 11:03am PARTY (XXO) by GLAM on PARTY (XXO) (Big Hit Entertainment)
  • 11:07am Heart Attack by LOONA on Chuu (Blockberry Creative)
  • 11:10am I Like That by SISTAR on INSANE LOVE (Starship Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment)
  • 11:14am One More Day (feat. Giorgio Moroder) by SISTAR on One More Day (feat. Giorgio Moroder) (FLUXIS INC., LOEN)
  • 11:21am UM OH AH YEH by MAMAMOO on Pink Funky (RBW)
  • 11:24am I'm Not Afraid by Holland on I'm Not Afraid (Holland Ent.)
  • 11:28am 이러지마 제발 (Please Don't...) by K.Will on The 3rd Album Part.1 (Starship Ent.)
  • 11:35am All In by MONSTA X on The Clan Pt. 1 (Starship Entertainment)
  • 11:38am TOPDOG by Toppdogg on Amadeus (Stardom Entertainment)
  • 11:43am 159cm by Tenny on 159cm (Tenny Studio)
  • 11:47am Baek Ji Young by I Won't Love on Volume 5 - Smile Again (Kakao M), 2006
  • 11:52am Sun Will Never Set by Jolin Tsai on Agent J (Capitol Music Taiwan)
  • 11:56am . by Leslie Cheung on In Memories of Leslie Cheung (.)
  • 12:05pm Milonga for Three by Astor Piazzolla on Rough dancer And The Cyclical Night (Nonesuch)
  • 12:11pm Saigo no Ice Cream by kyary pamyu pamyu on Nanda Collection (Unborde)
  • 12:15pm Harajuku Inohai by kyary pamyu payu on Japamyu (Warner Music Japan)
  • 12:21pm Moonlight Densetsu by DALI on Sailor Moon OP (VIZ MEDIA)
  • 12:25pm Catch You Catch Me! by GUMI on Cardcaptor Sakura OP 1 (Victor Entertainment)
  • 12:29pm Tobira wo Akate by Anza on Cardcaptor Sakura Opening 2 (Victor Entertainment)
  • 12:36pm Sakura Kiss by Chieko Kawabe on Ouran High School Host Club OP (vapmusic)
  • 12:42pm Won Chu Kiss Me by SAKURA*TRICK on Sakura Trick OP (PONYCANYON)
  • 12:48pm Kimi ni Furete by Riko Azuna on Bloom Into You OP (SACRA MUSIC)
  • 12:56pm hectopastal by Yuki Takada, Minako Kotobuki on Bloom Into You ED (SACRA MUSIC)
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