• 8:08pm Pale Robin by 500 Channels on . (.)
  • 8:08pm Crack Rock Steady 7 by Heroin or Suicide? on Baby Jesus Sliced Up In The Manger (.)
  • 8:11pm One Dead Cop by Leftover Crack on F*ck World Trade (.)
  • 8:21pm Living The Laws by Choking Victim on No Gods No Managers (.)
  • 8:24pm Crisis by Poison Girls on Hex (1979) (.)
  • 8:24pm Black And White by The Subhumans on The Day The Country Died (.)
  • 8:30pm Sonic Reducer by Dead Boys on Young Loud And Snoty (.)
  • 8:34pm Kylesa by Unspoken on Ultraviolet (.)
  • 8:39pm Injection by ACME on reduce the choir to one soloist (.)
  • 8:40pm Untitled (ultra rare) by Nausea on The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol 2 (.)
  • 8:42pm Legal Terror by Officer Down on Puritan / Officer Down Split (.)
  • 8:44pm Legislative Bodies Legislating Bodies by Witch Hunt on This Is Only The Beginning (.)
  • 8:46pm Access Denied by Witch Hunt on This Is Only The Beginning (.)
  • 8:48pm Blue By Day, White By Night by Contravene on A Call To Action (.)
  • 8:52pm Secession by Requiem on Storm Heaven (.)
  • 8:55pm The Horse And Sparrow Theory by Victims on The Horse And Sparrow Theory (.)
  • 9:05pm Black Ice by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 9:05pm Self Cleansing by Ancst on Abolitionist (.)
  • 9:08pm XIII by Braeg Naofa on II (.)
  • 9:15pm Arluck by Russian Circles on Blood Year (.)
  • 9:24pm Shut The Door by Fugazi on Repeater + 3 Songs (Dischord)
  • 9:26pm Tower by Irata on Tower (.)
  • 9:29pm Abyssal Plane by Pelican on Nighttime Stories (.)
  • 9:34pm Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home by Full of Hell on Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home (.)
  • 9:38pm Her Strongholds Unvanquishable by The Body And Thou on You, Whom I Have Always Hated (Thrill Jockey)
  • 9:53pm City Of Fallen Angels by The Bug Vs. Earth on Concrete Desert (Ninja Tune)
  • 9:53pm What Awaits Us (A Void Is But An Open Mouth) by Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze on What Awaits Us (.)
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