• 8:07pm The Widow by Bloodiest on Bloodiest (.)
  • 8:09pm This Unabating Wakefulness by Mizmor on This Unabating Wakefulness (.)
  • 8:09pm Only One Solution by Blacken The Skies on Blacken The Skies (.)
  • 8:38pm Abyssal Magma by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 8:38pm V by Tombs on All Empires Fall (.)
  • 8:43pm A Prayer For Darkness by Book Of Sand on Occult Anarchist Propaganda (.)
  • 8:43pm Affirmation of Nothing by Full Of Hell on Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home (.)
  • 8:53pm The Wheel Weaves As The Wheel Wills by The Body And Thou on You, Whom I Have Always Hated (.)
  • 9:02pm Extinction by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 9:03pm Warmth Trance Reversal by Yellow Eyes on Rare Field Ceiling (.)
  • 9:11pm Face In A Night Times Mirror Part 2 by Wolves In The Throne Room on Diadem Of 12 Stars (.)
  • 9:28pm Serpent by Wolvserpent on Blood Seed (.)
  • 9:53pm Foetorem Timere by Hell on Hell / Mizmor (.)
  • 9:56pm Locrian by Arc Of Extinction on Infinite Dissolution (.)
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