• 8:18pm On Horseback They Carried Thunder by Wayfarer on World's Blood (.)
  • 8:20pm Hand Of Fire by Antre on Underdark/Antre Split 7" (.)
  • 8:24pm No Dust by Yellow Eyes on Rare Field Ceiling (.)
  • 8:24pm Delusions In The Deep by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 8:37pm D├ętournement by Falls of Rauros on Patterns In Mythology (.)
  • 8:46pm Weapons Of Refusal by Falls Of Rauros on Patterns In Mythology (.)
  • 8:51pm Emperor by Green Altar on The Great Schism (.)
  • 8:58pm Ritual Moon by Ritual Moon on Ritual Moon (.)
  • 8:58pm Abyssal Magma by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 9:07pm O World! I Remain No Longer Here. by Glacier on No Light Ever (.)
  • 9:08pm Seelanos by Hell on Hell (.)
  • 9:48pm Black Ice by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 9:48pm White Granite by Falls Of Rauros on Vigilance Perennial (.)
  • 9:50pm Temptation's Curse by Nightfucker on Nightfucker (.)
  • 9:57pm Van Gogh Cooks His Hand by Bosse-De-Nage on Bosse-De-Nage (.)
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