• 8:05pm Empty Mansions by Cult Of The Lost Cause on Cult Of The Lost Cause (.)
  • 8:10pm Worthless Rescue by EyeHateGod on EyeHateGod (.)
  • 8:15pm Bow Down by Weedeater on Goliathan (.)
  • 8:15pm Black Ice by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 8:24pm Addiction Sentance by Nightf*cker on Nightf*cker (.)
  • 8:33pm The Damp Chill Of Life by None on Damp Chill Of Life (.)
  • 8:42pm Fangs On Beyond by Cavity on After Death (.)
  • 8:51pm Image of Control by SUMAC on Live on WFMU (.)
  • 8:51pm Abyssal Magma by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 9:07pm The World Is Made Of Fire by Tombs on All Empires Fall (.)
  • 9:08pm Mocking The Sacred by Storm Of Sedition on Howl Of Dynamite (.)
  • 9:14pm Wings Of Annihilation by Abstracter on Cinereous Incarnate (.)
  • 9:25pm II by Jesus Piece on Only Self (.)
  • 9:29pm Stillborn (A Fragment) by Nadja on Sonnborner (.)
  • 9:29pm Mountains Where Masses Gather by Sarparast on Mountains Where Masses Gather (.)
  • 9:40pm Abandoned Shore by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 9:41pm We Glut Our Souls On The Accursed by Glacier on No Light Ever (.)
  • 9:52pm Failure Of Light by Sea Of Bones on The Earth Wants Us Dead (.)
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