• 8:02pm Children of The Eye by Amenra on Mass VI (Neurot Recordings)
  • 8:11pm Hierophant by King Woman on Created In The Image of Suffering (Relapse)
  • 8:19pm Old Horn Tooth by Old Horn Tooth on From The Ghost Grey Depths (Self-released)
  • 8:19pm Black Ice by Ancst on Anomaly (.)
  • 8:37pm World to Be Ashes (video) by Gallhammer on Ill Innocence (Peaceville)
  • 8:41pm Swan by Body Void on Ruins (Crown and Thorn / Dry Cough)
  • 8:48pm Worthless Spirit by Nightf*cker on Nightf*cker (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
  • 8:55pm Rats by Weltesser on Crestfallen (Prosthetic)
  • 9:06pm 1/4 (Video) by Ludicra on Live at SF Metalfest 2009 (.)
  • 9:11pm Obtuse by Black Table on Obelisk (Silent Pendulum)
  • 9:17pm Blood from the Lion's Mouth by Barishi on Blood from the Lion's Mouth (Season Of Mist)
  • 9:21pm Night Awaits The Dawn by Morne on To The Night Unknown (Morne Records)
  • 9:21pm The Closer We Got by Greber on Cemetery Preston (Ancient Temple)
  • 9:38pm Hadal by Conjurer on Mire (Holy Roar)
  • 9:48pm Man / Woman by Jesu on Jesu (Avalanche )
  • 9:57pm Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine Cover) by Nadja on When I See Sun Always Shines On TV (The End)
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