Join Me In Yon Forest

In the White Mountains by Frederick Ferdinand Schafer
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Two hours of folky tunes from the forest. Wander off into the deep dark of the wood, push aside the brush and crush the berries 'neath your feet, find where the natural spring springs and the whispering pines whisper, clearly reach the clearing and hear the distant sound of acoustic guitar and the, at once both enticing and eerie, flute. And then at this point some woodland creatures come out and dance in a circle holding hands to the sound of a fiddle or you get murdered. Enjoy the sylvan splendor.

29 different acts in this show, here is some information about some of them:


The Irish folk band Trees formed in 1969 and stayed together into 1972, producing two albums. Half of the groups material were traditional folk tunes, while the rest were written by bassist and keyboardist Bias Boshell to sound like they were traditional Irish folk songs. Had a resurgence after Gnarls Barkley sampled the Trees song "Geordie" in their song St. Elsewhere. 

Countries represented: USA, England, Denmark, Burma, France, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Indonesia.

  • 6:00pm Butterflyland by Bread Love And Dreams on The Strange Tale Of Captain Shannon And The Hunchback From Gigha (Sunbeam Records), 1970
  • 6:05pm Maj by Feo on Eg Meini Teð (Spectator Records), 1971
  • 6:07pm Mother Nature's Son by The Beatles on The Beatles (Apple Records), 1968
  • 6:09pm Fly by Nick Drake on Bryter Layter (Island Records), 1970
  • 6:12pm Midspring Dithering by Roy Harper on Midspring Dithering (Epic), 1967
  • 6:15pm Harrow Hill by Silmaril on Given Time Or The Several Roads (Ettinmoore), 1973
  • 6:19pm The Thoughts Of Mary Jane by Nick Drake on Five Leaves Left (Island Records), 1969
  • 6:22pm Silent O'Moyle by Loudest Whisper on The Children Of Lir (Kissing Spell), 1974
  • 6:28pm L'Echarpe de Soie by Emmanuelle Parrenin on Maison Rose (Lion Productions), 1977
  • 6:30pm Evening Song by Baby Whale on The Downhill Climb (Kissing Spell), 2002
  • 6:34pm United States Of Mind by Alan Hull on Pipedream (Virgin), 1973
  • 6:37pm She Moved Thro' The Fair by Trees on The Garden Of Jane Delawney (Sony BMG Music Entertainment), 1970
  • 6:45pm Aslan by Caedmon on The History Of U.K. Underground Folk Rock 1968-1978 Volume One (Kissing Spell), 1978
  • 6:49pm Atlántico by Blops on Blops (RCA), 1970
  • 6:52pm Jamie by Vulcan's Hammer on The History Of U.K. Underground Folk Rock 1968-1978 Volume One (Kissing Spell), 1973
  • 6:56pm The Frost Is All Over by The Chieftains on Voices Of Ages (Hear Music), 2012
  • 6:59pm House Carpenter by Peter Bursch Und Die Bröselmaschine on Peter Bursch Und Die Bröselmaschine (Ohr), 1976
  • 7:03pm Mayfly by Jade on Fly On Strangewings (Lightning Tree), 1970
  • 7:07pm The Singing Tree by The Machine Gun Co. With Mike Cooper on The Machine Gun Co. With Mike Cooper (Dawn), 1972
  • 7:12pm Let It Grow by Eric Clapton on 461 Ocean Boulevard (RSO), 1974
  • 7:17pm Dance Of The Clockwork Clown by Savana on Collected Madness (Deroy Sound Service), 1973
  • 7:19pm Klein Kindje by Haarband on Haarband (Peace Pie), 1981
  • 7:20pm Love Is Come Again by Parchment on Dust On The Nettles (A Journey Through The British Underground Folk Scene 1967-1972) (Grapefruit Records), 1972
  • 7:24pm L'empoisionneuse by Veronique Chalot on J'ai Vu Le Loup (Materiali Sonori), 1979
  • 7:33pm In The Summer The Grape Grows by Pisces on A Lovely Sight (Numero Group), 2009
  • 7:37pm From Town To Town by Cinderella on Dutch Rare Folk: 43 Lost Classics From The Golden Age Of Nederfolk (Food For Thought Records), 1971
  • 7:40pm Mustapha by Mark Newman on The History Of U.K. Underground Folk Rock 1968-1978 Volume Two (Kissing Spell), 1969
  • 7:44pm Aurora by Synanthesia on Synanthesia (Sunbeam Records), 1969
  • 7:48pm Sanctuary Stone by Midwinter on The History Of U.K. Underground Folk Rock 1968-1978 Volume One (Kissing Spell), 1973
  • 7:52pm Urab Sampeu by Ujang Suryana on Original Degung Instrumentalia (Studio Ten), 1995
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