• 11:00am 即影即有 (feat. 陳奐仁 & MC 仁) by Edison Chen on Please Still This Album (英皇娛樂 (Emperor Entertainment Group))
  • 11:04am QUEEN IS BACK by VaVa on QUEEN IS BACK (Warner Music China)
  • 11:06am My New Swag (feat. Ty. & Nina Wang) by VaVa on Crazy Rich Asians Original Soundtrack (Warner Bros.)
  • 11:11am Made In China by Higher Brothers, DJ Snake on Made In China (88 Rising Records)
  • 11:14am One Punch Man (feat. Ski Mask The Slump God & Denzel Curry) by Higher Brothers on Five Stars (88 Rising Records)
  • 11:21am Yaode by Bohan Phoenix on Yaode - EP (loveloveNYC)
  • 11:23am JALA by Bohan Phoenix on JALA (loveloveNYC)
  • 11:25am 火锅底料 "Hot Pot Soup" by GAI on 火锅底料 "Hot Pot Soup" (.)
  • 11:29am 大一岁 by Tizzy T on 夜行动物园 (北京摩登天空文化发展有限公司)
  • 11:32am . by chocoLAte, Monkey, HighLoc on . (.)
  • 11:41am Taiwan Hip Hop Kids by GorDoN on Later That Night - Single (KAO!INC.)
  • 11:45am Bear by Soft Lipa on Lotion (KAO! INC.)
  • 11:50am The Sorrows of Young Werther by Soft Lipa on Winter Sweet (KAO! INC.)
  • 11:56am Tough Love by MC HotDog on Loser (Rock Records)
  • 12:02pm Up & Down by EXID on AH YEAH [EP] (Yedang Entertainment)
  • 12:05pm LIKEY by TWICE on twicetagram (JYP Entertainment)
  • 12:08pm Butterfly by LOOΠΔ on [X X] (BlockberryCollective)
  • 12:12pm Sunny Side Up! by Red Velvet on 'The ReVe Festival" Day 1 (SM Entertainment)
  • 12:16pm Alligator by Monsta X on Take.2 We Are Here. (Starship Entertainment)
  • 12:23pm Lights by BTS on Lights/Boy With Luv (Big Hit Entertainment)
  • 12:27pm CANDY CANDY by kyary paymu paymu on Paymu Payum Revolution (Unborde)
  • 12:35pm "Nanananairo" (ナナナナナイロ Nanananairo) by Perfume on Perfume The Best ‘P Cubed’ (Universal Music Japan)
  • 12:39pm Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu OP by Hitori Bocchi, Sunao Nako, Honshou Aru, Sotoka Rakita on Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu OP (.)
  • 12:44pm Ne, Issho ni Kaero. by Hitori Bocchi (Chisaki Morishita) on Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu ED (.)
  • 12:49pm "Ichigo Complete" by Saeko Chiba, Fumiko Orikasa, Ayako Kawasumi, Mamiko Noto, and Hitomi Nabatame on Ichigo Mashimaro Opening (Geneon Inc)
  • 12:52pm "Osanpo Kyousoukyoku" by Matsuoka Miu (Orikasa Fumiko) on Ichigo Marshmello - Miu's Song (Geneon Inc)
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