Stop! In The Love Of Name

Brabisimo! by Francisco Goya, 1799.
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Two hours of songs that have a title that consists entirely of names. Real people's names, made up people's names, animal's names, Jimi Hendrix's guitar's names, common names, uncommon names, old timey names etc... Strap in for a wondrous name-O-rama! Rules are the titles gots to be a name, it's gotta be a forename and no adjectives or surnames thrown in there, ultimately just one word titles.

36 different acts in this show.

Countries represented: USA, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Ukraine.

"Too Many Daves" By Dr. Seuss, from "The Sneetches and Other Stories" (1961).

Did I ever tell you that Mrs. McCave
Had twenty-three sons and she named them all Dave?
Well, she did. And that wasn’t a smart thing to do.
You see, when she wants one and calls out, “Yoo-Hoo!
Come into the house, Dave!” she doesn’t get one.
All twenty-three Daves of hers come on the run!
This makes things quite difficult at the McCaves’
As you can imagine, with so many Daves.
And often she wishes that, when they were born,
She had named one of them Bodkin Van Horn
And one of them Hoos-Foos. And one of them Snimm.
And one of them Hot-Shot. And one Sunny Jim.
And one of them Shadrack. And one of them Blinkey.
And one of them Stuffy. And one of them Stinkey.
Another one Putt-Putt. Another one Moon Face.
Another one Marvin O’Gravel Balloon Face.
And one of them Ziggy. And one Soggy Muff.
One Buffalo Bill. And one Biffalo Buff.
And one of them Sneepy. And one Weepy Weed.
And one Paris Garters. And one Harris Tweed.
And one of them Sir Michael Carmichael Zutt
And one of them Oliver Boliver Butt
And one of them Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate …
But she didn’t do it. And now it’s too late.

  • 6:00pm Minerva by Synanthesia on Synanthesia (Sunbeam Records), 1969
  • 6:04pm Veronica by Bert Jansch on Bert Jansch (Castle Music), 1965
  • 6:06pm Carey by Joni Mitchell on Blue (Reprise Records), 1971
  • 6:09pm Marcia by Now on Marcia (NEMS), 1969
  • 6:12pm Jackie by Scott Walker on Scott 2 (Fontana), 1968
  • 6:15pm Pablo by Milton Nascimento on Milagre dos Peixes (Water Music Records), 1973
  • 6:18pm Rosey by Jim Sullivan on U.F.O. (Light In The Attic), 1969
  • 6:21pm Anna by Arthur Lyman on Many Moods Of Arthur Lyman (HiFi Records), 1962
  • 6:23pm Windy by Ruthann Friedman on Hurried Life (Lost Recordings 1965-1971) (Water), 2006
  • 6:26pm Fido by The Byrds on Ballad Of Easy Rider (Columbia), 1969
  • 6:28pm Zolushka by Lyudmila Senchina on Zolushka (Melodiya)
  • 6:32pm Mathilde by Scott Walker on Scott (Fontana), 1967
  • 6:35pm Kelly by Del Shannon on Live In England (United Artists Records), 1973
  • 6:38pm Izabella by Jimi Hendrix on The Jimi Hendrix Experience (MCA Record), 1970
  • 6:42pm Sylvia by Arthur Verocai on Arthur Verocai (Luv N' Haight), 1972
  • 6:45pm Dante by Tír na nÓg on Tír na nÓg (Esoteric Recordings), 1971
  • 6:47pm Celeste by Donovan on Sunshine Superman (Epic), 1966
  • 6:52pm Shirley by Cliff Wade on Truly This Must Be Heaven (An Introduction To Morgan Blue Town) (Morgan Blue Town), 1988
  • 6:54pm Elenore by The Turtles on The Turtles' Greatest Hits (Rhino Records), 1965
  • 6:56pm Lucinda by Normie Rowe on Penelope (Sunshine Records), 1968
  • 6:58pm Harry by Harry Nilsson, Eric Idle & Charlie Dore on Flash Harry (Varèse Sarabande), 1980
  • 7:01pm Tanya by Plas Johnson on Ultra-Lounge Sampler (Capitol Records), 1961
  • 7:04pm Leilla by Chiitra Neogy on Truly This Must Be Heaven (An Introduction To Morgan Blue Town) (Morgan Blue Town), 1968
  • 7:05pm Ruby by Silver Apples on Contact (Whirlybird Records), 1969
  • 7:08pm Martha by Jefferson Airplane on After Bathing At Baxter's (RCA), 1967
  • 7:11pm Oliver by Davy Graham on Hat (Kudos), 1969
  • 7:13pm Suzanne by Leonard Cohen on Songs Of Leonard Cohen (Columbia), 1967
  • 7:16pm Adam by Richie Havens on Mixed Bag (Polydor), 1968
  • 7:20pm Diana by Comus on First Utterance (BGO Records), 1971
  • 7:25pm Luli by Arco Iris on Arco Iris (Sony BMG Music Entertainment), 1970
  • 7:25pm Hamish by Mimi Farina on Pack Up Your Sorrows: Best Of The Vanguard Years (Vanguard), 1965
  • 7:27pm Linda by Alco on Threads Of Life (Alco), 1972
  • 7:33pm Sara by Afton on First Day Of Summer (Lark Records), 1977
  • 7:37pm Celia by Phil Ochs on All The News That's Fit To Sing (Elektra), 1964
  • 7:41pm Nicodemus by Elyse Weinberg on Greasepaint Smile (Numerophon), 2015
  • 7:45pm Gigi by Les Baxter, His Orchestra And His Chorus on Kaleidoscope (Capitol Records), 1955
  • 7:47pm Lalena by Donovan on Donovan's Greatest Hits (Epic), 1968
  • 7:50pm Yorric by Meic Stevens on Outlander (Water), 1970
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