Sezerac Slings & Delerium Tremens

Hypnotisk Seans by Richard Bergh, 1887.
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Two hours of music for when you are mixing up some smokey brew in a cauldron, fitting that final pin into a voodoo doll that looks just like some jerk you know or general creepin' about, maybe in a swamp or some other sinister location. Enjoy black magic, love potions and poison in this kooky brouhaha. Part of the Halloween season but not explicitly a Halloween episode series.

40 different acts in this show, here is some information about some of them:

Screamin' Jay Hawkins:

Born in 1929, Jalacy Hawkins had childhood ambitions of becoming an opera singer, a singing style that would influence his distinct vocals. At age 13, he falsified his birth certificate so he could fight in World War II, where, in addition to seeing combat, he entertained the troops and started boxing. In 1949, he became Alaska's middleweight boxing champion. His most famous tune, "I Put A Spell On You", is remembered fondly by listeners today, even though Hawkins has no memory of recording it as he blacked out during alcohol-fueled recording session. Although initially planned as a ballad, the recording came out quite different due to the aforementioned drunken abandon, Hawkins had to listen to his own track to learn how to perform the song. The macabre content of the song and its popularity led to his label dubbing him "Screamin'" and for the cultivation of his shock rock persona that included outlandish costumes, props and stage antics, a persona he often resented wishing he could be respected as a gimmick-less musician. Hawkins was married six times and had at least 33 children.

Countries represented: USA, England, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Greece, Spain.

  • 6:00pm Black Cat by Scotty McKay on Scotty McKay (Eagle Records), 1967
  • 6:02pm When The Wind Arises by The Rokes on The Works Of Bartholomew / When The Wind Arises (RCA Victor), 1968
  • 6:05pm My Girlfriend Is A Witch by October Country on October Country (Epic), 1968
  • 6:07pm Superstition by Green Beans on Teen Blast USA! Volume 2 (Gyro Recording Inc.), 1965
  • 6:09pm Love Potion No. 9 by The Clovers on 41 Original Hits From The Sound Track Of American Graffiti (MCA Records), 1959
  • 6:11pm Incense by Episode Six on The Complete Episode Six - The Roots Of Deep Purple (Collectables), 1966
  • 6:13pm Seven Deadly Sins by Chris Kerry on Painting The Time (New Rubble Volume 6) (Past & Present Records), 1967
  • 6:16pm Voodoo by Tubby Hayes on Voodoo Session (Trunk Records), 2009
  • 6:19pm Danse Fambeaux by Dr. John on Gris-Gris (ATCO Records), 1968
  • 6:24pm Agônico by Zé Ramalho on A Peleja Do Diabo Com O Dono Do Céu (Epic), 1979
  • 6:26pm It's Your Voodoo Working by Charles Sheffield on Big Sensations (Maximum R&B 45s From The Dawn Of Mod) (Mojo Magazine), 1961
  • 6:28pm Don't Turn The Lights On, Leave Me Alone by Can on Soundtracks (Spoon Records), 1970
  • 6:31pm Swamp Gas by Screamin' Jay Hawkins on Black Music For White People (Bizarre Records), 1991
  • 6:36pm Trouble by Marks And Lebzelter on Rock And Other Four Letter Words (Columbia Masterworks), 1968
  • 6:38pm Swamp Girl by Chaino on Chaino Africana (Dot Records), 1959
  • 6:42pm Little Drop Of Poison by Tom Waits on Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards (Anti-), 1997
  • 6:45pm Grey Riders by Neil Young / International Harvesters on A Treasure (Reprise Records), 2011
  • 6:51pm Jump Sturdy by Dr. John on Gris-Gris (ATCO Records), 1968
  • 6:53pm Deep Sleep by Chance Halliday on Halloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties A Go-Go (RockBeat Records ), 1961
  • 6:55pm Gypsy Eyes by The Jimi Hendrix Experience on Electric Ladyland (Experience Hendrix), 1968
  • 6:59pm Aranda by Naná Vasconcelos on Amazonas (Philips), 1973
  • 7:01pm Midnight Confessions by The Grass Roots on The Best Of The Grass Roots (MCA Records), 1968
  • 7:04pm Buried And Dead by The Master's Apprentices on The Master's Apprentices (Astor), 1967
  • 7:06pm Castin' My Spell by The Spellbinders on Halloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties A Go-Go (RockBeat Records ), 1965
  • 7:09pm Darkness by Steve Grecos on Darkness / I Regret (Top Tunes), 1969
  • 7:12pm Nightmare by The Gass Company on Everybody Needs Love (President Records), 1967
  • 7:15pm Anyone There by The Montanas on Ciao Baby (Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records), 1967
  • 7:17pm Swamp Fire by Martin Denny on Afro-Desia (Liberty), 1959
  • 7:20pm The Bells Of Astercote by The Heartwood Institute on Astercote (Reverb Worship), 2015
  • 7:20pm Voodoo Spell by Satya Sai Maitreya Kali on Apache (Akashic Records), 1972
  • 7:22pm Geraldine by Antique Doll on Veal (Doll Archive 2006​-​2009) (Richard Gibson, Fiona Jervis), 2017
  • 7:24pm Moons And Cattails by Linda Perhacs on Parallelograms (Sunbeam Records), 1970
  • 7:28pm Hymne Au Soleil by Atrium Musica de Madrid on Musique De La Grèce Antique (Harmonia Mundi), 1979
  • 7:30pm Gyp The Blood by Beat Circus on Dreamland (Cuneiform Records), 2008
  • 7:33pm Bottom Of The Soul by The Bonniwell Music Machine on The Bonniwell Music Machine (Warner Bros. Records), 1968
  • 7:35pm Psychiatric Case by Dead Sea Fruit on Dead Sea Fruit (Prog Temple), 1967
  • 7:37pm I Ain't No Miracle Worker by The Brogues on Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968) (Rhino Records), 1965
  • 7:40pm Delerium Tremens by Beat Circus on Dreamland (Cuneiform Records), 2008
  • 7:44pm Sorcerer by Ataraxia on The Unexplained (Electronic Musical Impressions Of The Occult) (Rubellan Remasters), 1975
  • 7:47pm Now That I'm Dead (Live) by Richard Thompson on Action Packed: The Best Of The Capitol Years (Capitol Records), 1991
  • 7:51pm Season Of The Witch by Vanilla Fudge on Renaissance (ATCO Records), 1968
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