Plakat für die XIV. Ausstellung der Secession by Alfred Roller, 1902.
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Two hours of funky music and psychedelic soul jams.

28 different acts in this show, here is some information about them:


The histories of the groups Parliament and Funkadelic are intertwined because they are the same band but also sort of not the same band. A five-piece doo-wop group called The Parliaments was formed in the back room of a barber shop in 1950's New Jersey. After some disputes with their label, band leader George Clinton lost the rights to the name and they could no longer be called The Parliaments. He signed a new group called Funkadelic to a new label shortly after, this was to be a funk-rock band and five more backing musicians were added to the lineup. Once Funkadelic had established itself, Clinton relaunched the singing group as Parliament, which consisted of the same ten members, but this group was less rock-oriented than its sister act. By the early 1970's the groups became a large collective with a revolving door of musicians becoming involved in one or both bands for tours and recordings.

Countries represented: USA, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Canada, Iran, Turkey, Argentina.

  • 6:00pm Maggot Brain by Funkadelic on Maggot Brain (Westbound Records), 1971
  • 6:10pm Sunset In Golden Horn/ by The Animated Egg on The Animated Egg (Flash), 1968
  • 6:14pm Liar, Liar by The Castaways on Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968) (Rhino Records), 1965
  • 6:15pm Un Rayo De Sol by Punch on . (.)
  • 6:19pm Afro Texas by Letta Mbulu on Naturally (BGP Records), 1973
  • 6:22pm I Weigh With Kilos by Jimmy Van & Richard Hieronymus on Songs Of Metric Man (Metric Records), 1976
  • 6:24pm Taj Mahal by Jorge Ben Jor on África Brasil (Philips), 1976
  • 6:27pm Eat Eat by Asei Kobayashi / Micky Yoshino / Godiego on House (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (G-matics), 1977
  • 6:31pm P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) by Parliament on Mothership Connection (Casablanca), 1975
  • 6:39pm Bernice by Kaleidoscope on Bernice (Retroworld), 1970
  • 6:41pm Troglodyte (Caveman) by The Jimmy Castor Bunch on It's Just Begun (RCA Victor), 1972
  • 6:45pm Soul Raga by Mehrpouya on Pomegranates - Persian Pop, Funk, Folk And Psych Of The 60s And 70s (Finders Keepers Records), 1976
  • 6:49pm California Soul by Marlena Shaw on The Spice Of Life (Cadet), 1969
  • 6:52pm Gonna Spread Love by Brenda Arnau on Dream Babes Volume 2: Reflections (RPM Records), 1968
  • 6:54pm Can You Get To That by Funkadelic on Maggot Brain (Westbound Records), 1971
  • 6:57pm Night Bird Flying by The Jimi Hendrix Experience on The Jimi Hendrix Experience (MCA Record)
  • 7:01pm Frevo Mulher by Zé Ramalh on A Peleja Do Diabo Com O Dono Do Céu (Epic), 1979
  • 7:06pm Haliçte Güneşin Batışı by Moğollar on Love, Peace & Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music (Q.D.K. Media), 2003
  • 7:10pm Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) by Jimi Hendrix Experience on Electric Ladyland (Experience Hendrix), 1968
  • 7:12pm You Goin' Miss Your Candyman by Terry Callier on What Color Is Love (Verve Records), 1972
  • 7:20pm Victim Of Love by Charles Bradley on Victim Of Love (Daptone Records), 2013
  • 7:23pm Lady Day And John Coltrane by Gil Scott-Heron on Pieces Of A Man (RCA), 1971
  • 7:27pm Tschad by Ralf Nowry on Lucifer's Dream (Long Hair), 1973
  • 7:31pm I Just Made Up My Mind by Joy Unlimited on Overground (Mercury), 1970
  • 7:33pm Let The Truth Come Out by The Sugar Shoppe on The Sugar Shoppe (Capitol Records), 1968
  • 7:36pm Superfly by Curtis Mayfield on Super Fly (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Curtom), 1972
  • 7:40pm Wizard Of Finance by Parliament on Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome (Casablanca), 1977
  • 7:44pm Psyche by The Jimmy Castor Bunch on It's Just Begun (RCA Victor), 1972
  • 7:48pm Nosotros Conseguiremos Mas Almas = We Got More Souls by Trio Galleta on Odeon (Estoy Herido), 1970
  • 7:50pm Naz Kardanet Vaveyla by Sima Bina on Pomegranates - Persian Pop, Funk, Folk And Psych Of The 60s And 70s (Finders Keepers Records)
  • 7:54pm Bad Trip by Bo Diddley on Drive By Bo Diddley: Tales From The Funk Dimension 1970-1973 (Raven Records), 1972
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