Don't Put Me On

put-on n. Slang

  1. A deceptive outward appearance.

  2. The act of teasing or misleading someone, especially for amusement.

  3. Something, such as a prank, intended as a hoax or joke; a spoof.

    As in, DJ Mesa told us she was going to play more blues on this show, but she was just putting us on. 

    Briefly, related sayings might include:

    Are you having me on? (To kid or mislead someone )

    Are you taking the mickey out of me? (Teasing or making fun of someone)

    He's pulled a fast one. (To trick or mislead someone)

    One great thing about music and songwriting is how it allows for colloquialism and slang to be developed into a great song. Don't put me on, just don't do it. 

  • 4:02pm Mystic Rabbit by Mystic Braves on Mystic Braves (Lolipop Records)
  • 4:03pm Destiny by Triptides on Color (Jaunt)
  • 4:07pm You Would Have to Lose Your Mind by The Barr Brothers on Queens Of The Breakers (Secret City)
  • 4:10pm Roman Candle by Seth Avett & Jessica Lee Mayfield on Seth Avett & Jessica Lee Mayfield (Ramseur)
  • 4:17pm Kingfisher by Wolf People on Ruins (Jagjaguar)
  • 4:19pm Don't Put Me On by FLAMIN GROOVIES (the) on FLAMIN GROOVIES NoW (SIRE)
  • 4:37pm Train To nowhere by Savoy Brown on Blue Matter (Re-iisue)
  • 4:38pm Electricity - Mono by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band on Safe as Milk (Buddha)
  • 4:42pm Tony Joe White by Tony Joe White on Swamp Music (Rhino)
  • 4:43pm 50 Lashes by Floating Action on Floating Action (Park The Van)
  • 4:45pm Roller Girl by Anna Karina on BOF Anna (Mercury Music)
  • 4:50pm Gun Street Girl by Tom Waits on Rain Dogs (Def Jam Music)
  • 4:51pm Marlene by Jackson C. Frank on Remastered & Unreleased (Ba Da Bing)
  • 4:56pm Cold Fame by Band of Skulls on Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (.)
  • 5:11pm Everybody Knows by Wooden Shjips on Back To Land (Thrill Jockey)
  • 5:12pm Rob's Dream by All Them Witches on ATW (New West Records)
  • 5:16pm Another One Goes By by The Walkmen on A Hundred Miles Off (Record Collection)
  • 5:23pm Give Me Daughters by Johnathan Fire Eater on Tremble Under Boom Lights (Third Man Records)
  • 5:26pm Mmoss by Spoiled Sun on Only Children (Trouble In Mind)
  • 5:32pm Windmill of the Autumn Sky by The Asteroid #4 on Windmill of the Autumn Sky (Dock Ellis)
  • 5:38pm Giant Tortoise by Pond on Hobo Rocket (Modular Recordings)
  • 5:44pm Ecstasy (Great Conspiracy) by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy on (Great Conspiracy) (Columbia)
  • 5:51pm White Dove by Sleepy Sun on Embrace (ATP)
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