Stay Free

Don't let the holidays get you down, listen to great music and stay free. 

  • 4:02pm Silver Shrooms by Farflung on A wound in eternity (MeteorCity)
  • 4:07pm The Juice by Causa Sui on Euporie Tide (Causa)
  • 4:07pm Stay Free by Black Mountain on In The Future (Jagjaguar)
  • 4:18pm Evaporate by 35007 on Liquid (Stickman)
  • 4:25pm The Greatest Hits By God by Quest For Fire on Lights From Paradise (Tee Pee)
  • 4:26pm Kiss Off by Violent Femmes on Violent Femmes (Craft Recordings)
  • 4:34pm glowsun - No Way - The Sundering by Glowsun on The Sundering (Buzzville Records)
  • 4:40pm The River - Full Band by Cat Clyde on Hunters Trance (Cinematic)
  • 4:41pm L'Urlo della Strega by Tangerine Stoned on Tangerine Stoned (Tangerine Stoned)
  • 4:47pm Caribou by Pixies on Come On Pilgrim (Idk)
  • 5:02pm Go Blind by Shooting Guns on Brotherhood Of The Ram (GO GO)
  • 5:08pm Loopholes by The Murlocs on Loopholes (Flightless)
  • 5:08pm I'm So Tired by The Beatles on The Beatles (Apple)
  • 5:15pm Family Song For The Leaving by All Them Witches on Our Mother Electricity (New West)
  • 5:19pm I was wrong by Jape on Sentinel (Jape)
  • 5:30pm I Am Brazil (I am Brazil - Trust Me, I'm a Thief 2004) by The Redneck Manifesto on I am Brazil (Trust)
  • 5:31pm Magnolia by Colour Haze on In Her Garden (Sonic Rendezvous)
  • 5:32pm I dreamt I saw you in a dream by Sunbeam Sound Machine on Sunbeam Sound Machine (Dot Dash)
  • 5:34pm No Future/No Past by Cloud Nothings on Attack On Memory (Carpark Records)
  • 5:42pm frontwards by pavement on slanted and enchanted (matador)
  • 5:48pm Hole In The Wall by Moses Gunn Collective on Mercy Mountain (Moses Gunn Collective)
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