Saturn Conjunct Pluto

  • 3:55pm Astral Man by The Nude Party on The Nude Party (New West)
  • 3:57pm Sam by Quiet World on The Road (Sanctuary Records)
  • 4:10pm Eno Nothing by Steelism on ism (Intoxicating Sounds)
  • 4:11pm If You Run by Desert Sessions on Vols. 11 & 12 (Matador)
  • 4:14pm Temptation Inside Your Heart by The Velvet Underground on VU (UMG)
  • 4:19pm In a Fortnight by Bison on Get in (Bison)
  • 4:20pm Little Sun by Blues Pills on Bliss (Crusher Records)
  • 4:28pm I Only Speak In Friction by Plague Vendor on I Only Speak in Friction (Unknown)
  • 4:34pm Dr. Rock by Ween on The Pod (Rounder Records)
  • 4:40pm I Against I by Bad Brains on I Against I (Bad Brains)
  • 4:51pm never talking to you again by husker du on zen arcarde (sst)
  • 4:51pm Black Sap Scriptures by Plague Vendor on Free To Eat (Plague)
  • 4:52pm You Let My Tyres Down by Tropical Fuck Storm on A Laughing Death in Meatspace (Joyful Noise Recordings )
  • 4:54pm Vampire for Your Love by Serpent Power on Serpent Power (Skeleton Key Records)
  • 4:56pm Death Of Coyote Woman by All Them Witches on At The Garage (New West)
  • 5:05pm I Guess I Know You Fairly Well - Band of Skulls - Himalayan by Band of Skulls on Himalayan (Psycho Collective)
  • 5:18pm Say Hello by Fuzz on II (In The Red)
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