GREEN BUBBLE TEA - 03.21.2018

  • 11:00am Guzheng & Bamboo Flute, Instrumental Zen For Relax by Phương Đào on Beautiful Chinese Music (Phương Đào)
  • 11:15am FLOWER ROAD by BIGBANG on FLOWER ROAD [single] (YG Entertainment)
  • 11:18am dimple by BTS on Love Yourself 承 'Her' (Big Hit Entertainment)
  • 11:23am Love Sick by SHINee on Odd (SM Entertainment), 2015
  • 11:26am DRAMARAMA by Monsta X on THE CODE (Starship Entertainment)
  • 11:30am Don't Recall by K.A.R.D on K.A.R.D. Project Vol.2 (DSP Media)
  • 11:33am Candy Pop by TWICE on Candy Pop (JYP Entertainment)
  • 11:40am Zoo by Red Velvet on The Red Summer (S.M. Entertainment)
  • 11:45am Kiseki (Miracle) by BoA on VALENTI (avex), 2002
  • 11:49am The Shower by IU on CHAT-SHIRE (LOEN Entertainment)
  • 11:55am Sunanowakusei by Kenshi Yonezu + Hatsune Miku on Bootleg (Sony Music)
  • 11:59am Point of view [B-Side] by kyary pamyu pamyu on Fashion Monster [single] (Warner Music Japan), 2013
  • 12:02pm Mugenmirai by Perfume on Mugenmirai [single] (Universal Music Japan)
  • 12:10pm Fusion [B-Side] by Perfume on Mugenmirai [single] (Universal Music Japan)
  • 12:14pm The Great YuriYurarararaYuruYuri Incident by Nanamori-chu☆Goraku-bu (Nanamori Middle School Amusement Club) on YURUYURI 1St.Series BestAlbum (Pony Canyon)
  • 12:18pm Ready Smile!! by i Ris on Ready Smile!! (avex)
  • 12:23pm So long! by AKB48 on Tsugi no Ashiato (King Records)
  • 12:28pm Gekidou Progressive by PassCode on Locus (Universal Music Japan)
  • 12:35pm Platform Syndrome by SCANDAL on HONEY (Epic Records Japan)
  • 12:37pm Valkyrie-戦乙女- (アニメTVサイズ) by WagakkiBand on -shikisai- (avex)
  • 12:42pm Track 09 by Minyo Crusaders on ECHOES OF JAPAN (P-VINE)
  • 12:48pm Omoide Ga Ippai [So Many Memories] by CoCo on Ranma 1/2 Season 3 Episode No. 41-64 (Studio Deen)
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