GREEN BUBBLE TEA - 04.04.2018

  • 11:00am Guzheng [0163] by SoulMusic on Peaceful Chinese Instrumental Music (SoulMusic)
  • 11:19am Beautiful Scenery by LeeSunHee on Lee Sun Hee Best (Diomede)
  • 11:25am KIngdom Come by Red Velvet on Perfect Velvet (SM Entertainment)
  • 11:29am PLAYING WITH FIRE by BLACKPINK on SQUARE TWO (YG Entertainment)
  • 11:32am Babyface by WJSN on HAPPY MOMENT (Starship Entertainment)
  • 11:35am FINGERTIP by 여자친구 (GFriend) on THE AWAKENING (SOURCE MUSIC)
  • 11:39am Dear Name by IU on Palette (Fave Entertainment)
  • 11:45am INTO YOU by K.A.R.D. on YOU & ME (DSP Media)
  • 11:48am FLOWER ROAD by BIGBANG on FLOWER ROAD [single] (YG Entertainment)
  • 11:52am Jealousy by Monsta X on THE CONNECT : DEJAVU (Starship Entertainment)
  • 11:55am Energetic by Wanna One on 1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU) (STONE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT)
  • 11:59am Hope World by j-hope on Hope World (Big Hit Entertainment)
  • 12:03pm Mugenmirai [from Chihayafuru 3rd movie] by Perfume on Mugenmirai [single] (Universal Music Japan)
  • 12:07pm Three Mystic Apes by WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA on Three Mystic Apes [Single] (Warner Music Japan)
  • 12:11pm Mienai Ito ~Never Be The Lonely One~ [STUTS remix] by Mizuki Ohira on Mienai Ito (STUTS remix) [Single] (MMM RECORDS)
  • 12:19pm Colors Power ni Omakasero! (Colors Power ni Omakasero!) by COLORS*SLASH on Mitsuboshi Colors OP (Sentai Filmworks)
  • 12:24pm Memorial by i Ris on Memorial [Single] (avex)
  • 12:30pm Catch You Catch Me [Cardcaptor Sakura OP] by Megumi Hinata on Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack I (.), 1998
  • 12:31pm CLEAR by Maaya Sakamoto (坂本真綾) on Cardcaptor Sakura Clearcard OP (.)
  • 12:33pm Honey Sweet Tea Time by Houkago Tea Time on Ho-Kago Tea Time II [From "K-On!!"] (Pony Canyon)
  • 12:36pm U&I [Ep.23 Mix] by Houkago Tea Time on Ho-Kago Tea Time II [From "K-On!!"] (Pony Canyon)
  • 12:44pm Oozora Dreamer by PPP [Penguins Performance Project] on Kemono Friends Soundtrack (.)
  • 12:47pm Lukewarm by satomoka on Lukewarm (P-VINE)
  • 12:51pm . by asuka ando on . (P-VINE)
  • 12:55pm DERBY〜栄光の道しるべ〜 by H ZETTRIO on Mysterious Superheroes (World apart ltd.)
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