Two Kinds of Roads

  • Thursdays, 8:00pm10:00pm

Rock music used to be a major force in this country and culture, by giving voice and expression to the truth.  But just as soon as an artist makes big money, imitators are groomed and poured into the market.  Now we're waist-deep in fake rock.

Not just an annoyance, this constant broadcast of artificial anger and joyless musicianship corrodes our experiences and interactions.  And discredits by association the real, powerful bands that still exist.

A veteran of commercial radio, BW experienced the 90's rock renaissance firsthand, and then watched it crumble under fake bands, soda commercials, and doctored ratings books.

TKoR plays the best music out there, New and old.  The only requirement is the essence of rock - so you'll hear music from artists like Ani DiFranco, Prince, David Bowie, Megadeth and Cat Stevens.  Plus new releases and songs from the last twenty years you never heard but should have.

Thursdays from 8-10pm Eastern time.

Two Kinds of Roads
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