First Barber on Mars

  • Sundays, 6:00pm8:00pm

First Barber on Mars is a consistently surprising Burlington, VT variety show.  Features include: interviews with local persons of interest, stories with local and space intrigue, and the ultimate pizza experience - The Pepperoni Brothers Pizza Party Podcast.  The program is rounded out by Vermont music and unique radio acting.  From the railroad tracks in the South End to the orbit of neighboring planets, let the radio be your guide.

First Barber on Mars
6:00pm, 8-20-2017
6:00pm, 8-13-2017
6:00pm, 8-6-2017
6:00pm, 7-30-2017
6:00pm, 7-23-2017
6:00pm, 7-16-2017
6:00pm, 7-9-2017
6:00pm, 7-2-2017
6:00pm, 6-25-2017
6:00pm, 6-18-2017