The Concert Experience

    • Tuesdays, 12:00pm1:00pm
    • Every Saturdays, 10:00pm11:00pm

    My radio program will focus on the musicians I have seen in
    concert and I have worked with since 1974. The range of music is from folk to
    rock to reggae to punk including national acts and local artist. Besides live &
    studio recordings of the bands, I will also discuss my concert experiences with
    the highlighted acts, interesting facts about the musicians, the stories behind
    the songs and my own personal stories working behind the scenes with various
    acts.  As part of the program I would
    like the listening audience to call in and share their concert experiences with
    their favorite bands. Being able to engage with the listening audience will
    give the show a variety of personal perspectives of the concert experience. 

    The Concert Experience
    10:00pm, 12-29-2018
    12:00pm, 12-25-2018
    10:00pm, 12-22-2018
    12:00pm, 12-18-2018
    10:00pm, 12-15-2018
    12:00pm, 12-11-2018
    10:00pm, 12-8-2018
    12:00pm, 12-4-2018
    10:00pm, 12-1-2018