The Upside: Art Hop! 09.05.18

I speak with 4 artists who are showing their work as part of the citywide Art Hop celebration. Sharon O'Neill, Kevin Dwyer, Marian Willmott, and Felipe Adan Lerma. In honor of the arts and all things local, my playlist features all local Vermont artists.

  • 8:59am Country Cumbia by Mal Maiz on Historia de un Immigrante (Self-Published)
  • 9:12am Safe to Say by Swale on There's No One Here (Self-Published)
  • 9:12am Kick Rocks - Audiotree Live Version by And the Kids on And the Kids on Audiotree Live (Audiotree Live)
  • 9:22am Give Me All Your Love by Madaila on The Dance (Future Fields)
  • 9:27am You Got Problems by Kat Wright on By My Side (Self-Published)
  • 9:40am First Blush by Paper Castles on Acceptionalism (Self-Published)
  • 9:46am Hi From Vermont by The Smittens on City Rock Dove ( Fika Recordings)
  • 9:51am Running Away From Homes by The Snaz on Running Away From Home (Self-Published)
  • 9:54am Goner by REDadmiral on REDadmiral (Self-Released)
  • 10:10am Reprise (Marthasville) by J Bengoy on Dogwood Winter (Self-Published)
  • 10:21am Silence Kills by Secret Heliotropes on A Well-Lit Room (Self-Published)
  • 10:24am Angela Carter by Cricket Blue on Io (Self-Published)
  • 10:44am Vegetables by Full Walrus on Hello. (Self-Published)
  • 10:52am Crimson by Julia Caesar on Heavy Flow (self-released)
  • 10:56am Realization by Madaila on Traces (Future Fields)
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