The Upside: Portals 03.06.19

Marilyn Maddison's abstract photography is mysterious and evocative. This episode, I talk with Marilyn about her work, what motivates her, and how she finds portals to new worlds in her everyday journeys. 

Songs by Stereolab, India Arie, Pink Floyd, and Moodorama transport us on an audio journey inspired by Marilyn's work. 

Marilyn Maddison has been a lifelong photographic explorer using her camera as a tool to see the world in a more profound way. She describes photography as a form of meditation that helps bring her focus in to the present moment. Her desire is to inspire others through her photography to see the world anew with greater imagination and curiosity. See her work on Instagram at @marilyn2d.

  • 8:45am Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) by Pink Floyd on Wish You Were Here (Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 9:03am A Sparrow Alighted Upon Our Shoulder by Jóhann Jóhannsson Air Lyndhurst String Orchestra Anthony Weeden on Orphée (Deutsch Grammophone Group)
  • 9:05am Ice Age by David Byrne & St. Vincent on Love This Giant (4AD)
  • 9:08am Moon by RRAREBEAR on Essence (RRAREBEAR)
  • 9:12am Fools Gold - Remastered by The Stone Roses on The Stone Roses (Silvertone Records)
  • 9:23am Doctor Who (Original Theme) by Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire on Doctor Who, Theme From The BBC TV Series (BBC Records)
  • 9:25am I'm So Free by Beck on Colors (Capitol)
  • 9:30am Restless by Gacha Bakradze on Anjunadeep 08 (Anjunadeep)
  • 9:32am Little Fluffy Clouds - Coldcut Heaveyweight Dub Mix by The Orb, Matt Black, Jon Moore on The Orb - History Of The Future (Universal Island Records)
  • 9:39am Say You'll Go by Janelle Monáe on The ArchAndroid (Bad Boy Entertainment, Wondaland)
  • 9:44am Fotografia by Antônio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina on Elis & Tom (Universal Music International)
  • 9:47am Fidelity by Regina Spektor on Begin to Hope (Sire)
  • 9:51am Pop Molecule [Molecular Pop 1] by Stereolab on Chemical Chords (Standard US Edition) (4AD)
  • 9:55am Teen Age Riot (Album Version) by Sonic Youth on Daydream Nation (Deluxe Edition) (Squeaky Squawk)
  • 10:14am Coulda Shoulda Woulda by India.Arie on Worthy (India Arie, Inc.)
  • 10:30am Flip Ya Lid by Nightmares On Wax on In A Space Outta Sound (Warp Records)
  • 10:35am Way Down We Go by KALEO on A/B (Elektra)
  • 10:50am Grumblegoof by Moodorama on Soul Sensitive Vol.1 (Streetlight)
  • 10:55am Even After All by Finley Quaye on Maverick A Strike (Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 10:59am Elements (Eagles & Butterflies Remix) by Ludovico Einaudi on Elements Remixes (Ponderosa Music & Art)
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