The Upside: Work It 03.27.19

Embrace the joy, the effort, and the hustle of working for yourself -- with songs about our working lives and going after our goals. I'm talking with Mieko Ozeki and Bethany Andrews Nichols, the co-founders of VT Womenpreneurs, a project created to convene, connect, collaborate, and celebrate with local womenpreneurs. We produce digital content and experiences to support and promote a thriving community of women-owned businesses.

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  • 9:00am Work 'n' Play by The Zombies on Begin Here (Marquis Enterprises Ltd.)
  • 9:01am Let 'Em Say by Lizzo and Caroline Smith on Let 'Em Say (Lizzo & Caroline Smith)
  • 9:04am Can't Get Enough Of Myself (feat. BC Unidos) by Santigold on 99¢ (Atlantic)
  • 9:09am Top Knot Turn Up by Madam Ghandi and Ruxell on Top Knot Turn Up (Madame Ghandi, LLC)
  • 9:12am Soy Yo by Bomba Estereo on Amanecer (Sony)
  • 9:15am Bad Girls by M.I.A. on Bad Girls (Interscope Records)
  • 9:20am Army of Me by Björk on Post (Elektra)
  • 9:25am 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton on 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs (RCA Victor)
  • 9:28am Taking Care of Business by Thunderpussy on Fighting with My Family (The Original Soundtrack) (Island Records)
  • 9:33am Career Opportunities by The Clash on The Clash (Universal Music Publishing Group)
  • 9:36am A Hard Day's Night - Remastered 2009 by The Beatles on A Hard Day's Night (Capitol)
  • 9:39am Just Like Fire (From the Original Motion Picture by Pink on Just Like Fire (From the Original Motion Picture (RCA Records)
  • 9:43am Atomic by Blondie on Eat to the Beat (Blondie Music, Inc.)
  • 9:47am Glass Ceiling by Metric on Live It Out (Last Gang Records, Inc.)
  • 9:51am Welcome To The Working Week by Elvis Costello on My Aim Is True (Columbia)
  • 9:53am Manic Monday by Keiko on Manic Monday Single (Bossa Nova 58)
  • 9:58am 5 O' Clock World by The Vogues on Jukebox Legends (REmember)
  • 10:19am Fallingwater by Maggie Rogers on Fallingwater - Single (Debay Sounds LLC)
  • 10:41am Animal Spirits by Vulfpeck on The Beautiful Game (Gulf)
  • 10:47am Hologram by Tacocat on Hologram (Tacocat)
  • 10:52am Dog Days Are Over - MTV Unplugged by Florence on MTV Presents Unplugged (MTV)
  • 10:55am Workin' for A Living by The Gurley Girls on Workin' for a Livin' (The Gurley Girls)
  • 10:57am The Free Design by Stereolab on Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night (Elektra)
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