The Upside: Awake 05.01.19

Celebrate the first of May and the rebirth of our hemisphere with an all-music show featuring artists performing at the  Waking Windows Music Festival, May 3-5. A collection of upbeat, offbeat, and fresh music awaits you! Who knows what we will find when we wake up to new sounds? 

  • 9:00am Castle by Post Animal on When I Think of You in a Castle (Polvinyl Record Co.)
  • 9:03am Safe To Say by Swale on There's No One Here (Swale Songs)
  • 9:07am Coast to Coast by Tune-Yards on I Can Feel You Creep Into My Life (4AD)
  • 9:10am Pearly Gates by U. S. Girls on In a Poem Unlimited (4AD)
  • 9:16am Hold Your Horses by British Isles on Single - British Isles (Pandarue Productions)
  • 9:19am Ruffians by Rough Francis on Maximum Soul Power (Riot House Records)
  • 9:21am dirtbike by Sleeping In on let you in (sleeping in)
  • 9:27am Lighthouse by Mirah on Understanding (Mirah Zeitlyn)
  • 9:32am Cut Yr Teeth by Kississippi on Sunset Blush (Bug Crusher Records)
  • 9:35am Bad Bad News by Erin Cassels-Brown on Northern Lights, Vol. 1 (Self-Published)
  • 9:37am Blue Coupe by Twin Peaks on Sweet '17 Singles (Grand Jury Music)
  • 9:41am Change Your Mind by Barika on Single - Change Your Mind (Craig Harland Myers)
  • 9:48am Oh Beauty by Willverine with Francesca Blanchard on Save Some EP (Will Andrews)
  • 9:52am Here / There by Entrance to Trains on Thirty Days Without an Accident (Self-Published)
  • 10:01am Gennifer Flowers by Fever Dolls on Single - Gennifer Flowers (Self-Published)
  • 10:04am Crisis Fest by Sunflower Bean on Twentytwo in Blue (Mom+Pop)
  • 10:08am One Hope (ft. David Binney) by KNOWER, David Binney on Single - One Hope (ft. David Binney) (Beat Games)
  • 10:13am Fantasma by Mal Maiz on Historia de un Immigrante (Self-Published)
  • 10:16am Sabouy by Sabouyama on Sabouy EP (Self-Published)
  • 10:20am No Regreso by Combo Chimbita on Abya Yala (Figure & Ground)
  • 10:26am Go by Underground System on What Are You (Soul Clap Sessions)
  • 10:33am Three States by The Smittens on City Rock Dove ( Fika Recordings)
  • 10:37am Monday the 16th by boys cruise on Girls Cruise (Self-Published)
  • 10:40am Nose Dive by Julia Ceasar on Heavy Flow (self-released)
  • 10:45am Orlando by Maryse Smith on The Way It Is (831373 Records DK)
  • 10:49am Sorry I Was Sorry - Live in Los Angeles by Jam in the Van, Adult Mom on Jam in the Van - Adult Mom - Live Session (Jam in the Van)
  • 10:52am Seaweed and Sand by Aubrey Haddard on Blue Part (Very Jazzed)
  • 10:55am The Darkness by cindy cane on Single - The Darkness (Queen of the Scene)
  • 10:59am 5/20: 1 by Sunshowers on Tapes: Vol. 1 (Sunshowers)
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