The Upside: Sister City 05.08.19

Burlington, VT has been sister cities with Bilwi, Nicaragua (also known as Puerto Cabezas on some maps) since the mid 1980s. For decades, community radio and television advocate Margarita Antonio, has worked to build independent community-focused media resources in Bilwi, and to connect with folks here in Vermont. We'll be talking about her work, communication, long-distance collaboration, and more on today's show.

  • 8:59am Samba Triste by Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd on The Girl From Ipanema (U-5)
  • 9:33am Thunder by Chloe x Halle on Sugar Symphony EP (Parkwood Entertainment, LLC)
  • 9:37am Nando by Aurelio on L├ándini (Real World Productions)
  • 9:57am Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai on 90 Sweet 90s Hits! (Sony)
  • 10:01am Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder on Innervisions (Motown Records)
  • 10:05am You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks by Funkadelic on Maggot Brains (Westbound Records, Inc.)
  • 10:09am Tell Me Something Good by Chaka Khan & Rufus on Rags to Rufus (MCA Records)
  • 10:15am Miskito Rola by DJ Alwani on live performance (Self Published - Juan Chisnica)
  • 10:20am Miskita Mairin by Layan Siksa on Live Performance (self-released)
  • 10:25am Pizuica by Mal Maiz on Pizuica - Single (Mal Maiz)
  • 10:29am Quimbara by Angeliqu Kidjo on Quimbara (Decca Records France)
  • 10:35am Ditta Go by Johnny Hall Miskito Music on Miskito Music (self-released)
  • 10:39am Baila Baila Baila by Ozuna on Baila Baila Baila (VP Records / Dimelo Vi)
  • 10:41am On The Move by Barika on A Simple Light (Barika)
  • 10:48am Punta Montage by Aziatic on The Rebirth (Sta-Tic Productions)
  • 10:53am Tululu by Dimension Costena on Cole, Cole (Dimension Costena)
  • 10:58am Cissy Strut by The Meters on The Meters (Rhino)
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