The Upside: Back to School (re-broadcast 08.22.19)

It's back to school time, a time of both excitement and dread for many folks. We're talking with Abbie Jefferis of Ollergy about going back to school with food allergies, and how parents, students, and school staff can make school a safe and welcoming place for all students. 

Music about school days from the MC5, Blackalicious, The Runaways, and Thé Vanille get you reminiscing about your school days, or looking forward to the next one!

  • 9:00am Hardest Geometry Problem in the World - from the by Mark Mothersbaugh on Rushmore (Island Def Jam)
  • 9:18am ABC by Jackson 5 on Greatest Hits (Motown)
  • 9:29am We're Going to Be Friends by The White Stripes on White Blood Cells (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  • 9:38am School Days by Chuck Berry on Rock N' Roll & Jukebox Hits - 60 Originals from the 1950's (Hitbox Records)
  • 9:41am Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2 1/2 Minute Workout) by Blackalicious on A2G [EP] (Quannum Projects)
  • 9:43am Soul Education by Jamiroquai on Synkronized (Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 9:47am Everything is Everything by Lauren Hill on The Miseducation of Lauren Hill (Columbia)
  • 9:56am Ready to Start by Arcade Fire on The Suburbs (Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 9:59am Be True To Your School by Beach Boys on Sounds of Summer (Capitol)
  • 10:04am Teacher's Pet by Jack Black and Cast of on School Of Rock - Music from the Motion Picture (.)
  • 10:09am Lessons Learned by Matt and Kim on Grand (Fader Label USA)
  • 10:12am Education by Pearl Jam on Lost Dogs (Surf Dog Records)
  • 10:16am Homework Blues Stomp by The Verve Pipe on Are We There Yet? (LMNO Pop)
  • 10:21am School - Remastered by Nirvana on Bleach: Deluxe Edition (Sub Pop)
  • 10:22am The Bus Is Late by Cannibales & Vahinés on Songs for A Free Body (Tractor Notown)
  • 10:33am High School by MC5 on Back in the USA (Atlantic Recording Group)
  • 10:35am School Days by The Runaways on Waitin' for the Night (Island Def Jam Recording Group)
  • 10:39am Rock N' Roll High School by Ramones on End of the Century (Expanded 2005 Remaster) (Warner Records Inc.)
  • 10:50am Lip Gloss by Lil Mama on Lip Gloss (Zomba Recording)
  • 10:54am Chemical Calisthenics (feat. Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5) by Blackalicious on Blazing Arrow (Geffen Records)
  • 10:57am Too Cool for School by Thé Vanille on In Pillows (Unplugged) (Autoproduction)
  • 10:57am Too Cool for School by Thé Vanille on In Pillows (Unplugged) (Autoproduction)
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