Present Time 102519

___The Green Mile, Thomas Newman, The Green Mile 

___The John Dunbar Theme, John Barry, Dances with Wolves

___The Heart Asks Pleasure First / The Promise, Michael Nyman, The Piano

___The Fellowship, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, 100 Greatest Film Themes

___Spider-Man 2, Danny Elfman, Spider-Man 2 **

___Dragon Age Inquisition Theme, Trevor Morris, Dragon Age Inquisition *

___Hope (Xavier’s Theme), John Ottman, Jeffrey Schindler, X-Men:  Days of Future Past

___Fly, Ludovico Einaudi, Divenire **

___Monsters, Inc., Randy Newman, Monsters, Inc.

___Cambridge 1963, Johann Johansson, The Theory of Everything *

__ Only the Beginning of the Adventure, Harry Gregson-Williams, The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe ***

___Harry & Hermione, Nicholas Hooper, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince *

___Suite from Mulan, Jerry Goldsmith, Mulan

___We Had Today, Rachel Portman, One Day

___Never Forget, Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori, Halo 3

___Epilogue, Justin Hurwitz, La La Land

___Mollossus, James Newton-Howard & Hans Zimmer, Batman Begins *****

___Guardians at the Gate, Audiomachine, Chronicles

___Strength of a Thousand Men, Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps from Hell – Archangel **

___Destiny of the Chosen, Immediate, Trailerhead Triumph

___Asssasin’s Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme, Brian Tyler, Assasin’s Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme

___Emma, Steven Price, Fury

___Garador’s Flight, Jo Blankenburg, Elsysium

___Adagio in D Minor (From “Sunshine”), London Music Works, Epic Themes

___Icarus, Michael McCann, Deus Ex:  Human Revolution

___Promentory, Trevor Jones, The Last of the Mohicans *

___Leaving Earth, Clint Mansell, Mass Effect

___Liz on Top of the World, Dario Marianelli, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Pride and Prejudice

___Cloud Atlas Finale, Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil, Cloud Atlas *

___Finale, John Paesano, The Maze Runner

___Dumbledore’s Army, Nicholas Hooper, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix **

___Taking a Stand, Henry Jackman, Captain America:  The Winter Soldier *

___Ben, Trevor Rabin, National Treasure **

___Forces of Attraction, Johann Johansson, The Theory of Everything **

___Klendathu Drop, Basil Poledouris, Starship Troopers

___Unchained Melody, Maurice Jarre, Ghost,

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