12 - The Entire Band [Re-broadcast]

On episode #12 of The Vault, we get to the bottom of why the Eagles are so popular and why it is even more popular to not like the Eagles, as well as how Fleetwood Mac goes from blues rock American radio poison to soft rock radio gold and why at this point many might rather take the poison.

This week we consider bands rather than songs, but still highlight a song we don't like a song we do by each act:

Eagle's "Life in The Fast Lane"

Eagle's "Journey Of The Sorcerer"

Fleetwood Mac's "Hold Me"

Fleetwood Mac's "Sara" [bonus Don Henley connection]

This week's panel includes host- Patrick and producer- Nick.

Image Sources 123.

  • 5:00pm Albatross by Fleetwood Mac on English Rose (Epic), 1968
  • 5:06pm Life In the Fast Lane by Eagles on Hotel California (Asylum Records), 1976
  • 5:24pm Journey of the Sorcerer by Eagles on One of These Nights (Asylum Records), 1975
  • 5:45pm Hold Me by Fleetwood Mac on Mirage (Warner Bros. Records), 1982
  • 5:53pm Sara by Fleetwood Mac on Tusk (Warner Bros. Records), 1979
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