15 - The Fab Four [re-broadcast]

On episode #15 of The Vault, We don't know why you say hello, we say goodbye to some Beatles classics, as well as The Beatles zany Scooby-Doo adventure and the Lord Of The Rings adaptation we all deserved.

Find out which nominees make the cut and land in The Vault. This week we consider:

The Beatles' "Yesterday"
The Beatles' "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"
The Beatles' "Here Come The Sun"

This week's panel includes (favorite Beatles song in parentheses) host- Patrick (For No One) and producer- Nick (Can't Buy Me Love), and guest- Rubin (Penny Lane).

Image Sources 1234.

  • 5:05pm Yesterday by The Beatles on Help! (Capitol), 1965
  • 5:20pm Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Capitol), 1967
  • 5:33pm Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles on Abbey Road (Apple), 1969
  • 5:46pm Reflections After Jane by The Clientele on Suburban Light (Merge Records), 1999
  • 5:51pm She Comes In Colors by Love on Da Capo (Elektra), 1966
  • 5:55pm Blow Away by George Harrison on George Harrison (Dark Horse Records), 1979
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