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    Hello Friends

          My name is Louie and I welcome you to take the time to listen to and be a part of my show Louie Live which is on every Friday 6 to 8 Pm. We are also streaming live over the internet around the world at 993wbtv.org 24 hours a day 7 day a week. My show is Music & Talk Radio. I play mostly classic rock but I also take request. We discuss whatever we see on the news or throughout social media whether it be local , federal or worldly. Occasionally people come on the show and play the Music that they have written, always a good time and a good way to showcase your Music.

      We encourage everyone to visit Wbtv Lp 99.3 Fm on Flynn Avenue in Burlington Vermont. 

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    Louie Live

    Wbtv Lp  99.3 Fm

    Burlington Vermont 

    Friday's 6 to 8 pm

    Streaming live around the world.


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