• Tuesdays, 6:00pm8:00pm

SELECT CUTS exists as the low power (LP), high energy outlet for a handful of employees from within the inspired walls of SELECT DESIGN. Building on the company's creative core and infrequent "Select Sessions" events, SELECT CUTS will feature a rotating crew of DJs playing ... well ...  whatever the hell they want. We'll jump from Alabama Shakes and Michael Hurley to Death Grips and The Melvins before you can spell "pretentious". SELECT CUTS Facebook page and branded koozies coming never.

6:00pm, 12-17-2019
6:00pm, 12-3-2019
6:00pm, 11-26-2019
6:00pm, 11-19-2019
6:00pm, 10-22-2019
6:00pm, 10-15-2019
6:00pm, 10-8-2019
6:00pm, 10-1-2019
6:00pm, 9-24-2019