The Vault

  • Fridays, 5:00pm6:00pm

Do you have a song that you initially enjoyed or perhaps even loved, but over time you've seen it overplayed, gain negative connotations, become associated with a bad memory or simply overstay its welcome? Perhaps it no longer sparks joy in your heart when you hear it play, but rather it makes you wince or feel flat out annoyed. If you feel that that song would benefit from being temporarily retired so that the human race can gain back an appreciation for this once great song and remember what made it special in the first place, then you are thinking of a song worthy of being locked in The Vault.

Each week our panel comes together to defend, debate and discuss the songs we nominated in an attempt to convince the others that they are deserving of a spot in The Vault. Ultimately you need to believe a song fits these two criteria: 1. The song is no longer as enjoyable as it once was and therefore we need to take a break from it. 2. It is a good song. At the end of the show we cast our votes and decide each song’s fate: will it go on to be heard another day, or could we agree it’s time for a break and lock it into The Vault. Once a song is in The Vault, we agree to not intentionally play it, instead we will seek out what underplayed songs the universe has to offer. For every song locked in the Vault there needs to be a replacement. Each panelist who had their song put in The Vault picks a song that is similar in theme, tone, style, energy etc... to take the vaulted song's place in the musical rotation.

Please send comments on, anecdotes concerning or experience with songs you, the public, would nominate for The Vault to our e-mail:

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The Vault